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Coolpad Note 3 Lite Camera Review, Photo Samples

Coolpad Note 3 was a great device, and for Coolpad to launch a toned down version of that device, the Coolpad Note 3 must have been a difficult move. The camera on the Coolpad Note 3 was pretty impressive, and hence, the Coolpad Note 3 Lite has some big shoes to fill in.


Coolpad Note 3 Lite Coverage

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Coolpad Note 3 Lite Camera Hardware

The camera hardware on the Coolpad Note 3 Lite is not too impressive. The primary camera is a 13-megapixel shooter, whereas the primary camera is a 5-megapixel shooter.

Camera Hardware Table

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The primary camera sensor is capable of producing high-quality photos with a 5P lens, CMOS sensor and f/2.0 aperture, which is considered average for smartphones these days. A larger aperture helps you to take quick pictures, like those action shots so you don’t miss out on anything, and get a shallow depth of field when taking pictures.

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Camera Software

The camera UI on the Coolpad Note 3 Lite is simple and clean, yet offers certain features to help you take the perfect shot. When you dive into the camera settings, you will be able to control a few settings on the camera, along with choosing different shooting modes for the picture or video that you are taking.

Screenshot_2016-01-19-17-12-55 Screenshot_2016-01-19-17-13-42 Screenshot_2016-01-19-17-14-10

The button placement for taking pictures and accessing settings is pretty nice, giving you the complete screen access as the viewfinder. There are only a few buttons on the interface, but they get the job done very efficiently. The best part about the UI is that it supports manual mode for advanced users who wish to take pictures with a complete control over the camera, and how it functions.

Camera Modes

Coolpad Note 3 Lite comes with a few camera modes like Face Beauty, HDR, Panorama, Dimlight shot and more. Some of the modes have been used, you can see the pictures below.

Screenshot_2016-01-19-17-13-30 Screenshot_2016-01-19-17-13-14

HDR Sample


Panorama Sample


Dimlight Shot Sample


Coolpad Note 3 Lite Camera Samples

We were able to shoot some pretty amazing pictures with the Coolpad Note 3 Lite, and find below a gallery to see all these shots that we took. All the pictures are clicked using normal settings.

Front Camera Samples

The front camera performs decent, we tried clicking pictures in bright light as well as indoor lights and the results were fine. You might have to hold the camera still to get a clear shot as it takes a little time to process the image.

Rear Camera Samples

Artificial Light

We were not very happy with the way it performed in the indoors, we did notice tiny lags in while moving the viewfinder. The colours looked saturated and the details were not produced like it did in natural light.

Natural Light

The primary camera performance of the device is good for daylight photography. While we were clicking pictures in the day light, we did not feel that it is a 7K phone at any point of time. The autofocus worked fast and the pictures looked rich in colours and details. Overall, it is a great camera for the price and there are only few devices who can give such performance under this price segment.

Low Light

We did not expect much from this camera in terms of low light performance. The camera is really poor in low light, you cannot click clear pictures without flash. We noticed a lot of grains in the picture, details were also poor. Usually most of the camera suffer in such conditions and so does the Coolpad Note 3 Lite.

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Camera Verdict

At the price at which the Coolpad Note 3 Lite is offered, the camera performance of the device is outstanding. It is definitely comparable to any other smartphone in this price point, and it is good to see that the Coolpad Note 3 Lite was able to fill in the shoes for its parent, the Coolpad Note 3.


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