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Honor Holly 2 Plus Gaming, Benchmark and Battery Review

The Honor Holly 2 Plus is a budget smartphone by the Honor brand that offers you some great performance and features for the price that it is offered. The Holly 2 Plus costs INR 8499, a good buy for that price. But before you actually buy the device, we have the Gaming and the Battery Review for the Holly 2 Plus.

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Honor Holly 2 Plus Specifications

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Terms Explained

For Gaming:-

  • Great- Game launches without delay, No lags, No frame drop, Minimal heating.
  • Good- Game launches without delay, Small or negligible frame drops, Moderate heating.
  • Average- Takes time to launch initially, Visible frame drops during intense graphics, Heating increases with time.
  • Poor- Takes long to launch the game, Huge lags, Unbearable heating, Crashing or freezing.

For Battery:-

  • Great- 1% battery drop in 10 minutes of high-end gaming.
  • Good- 2-3% battery drop in 10 minutes of high-end gaming.
  • Average- 4% battery drop in 10 minutes of high end gaming
  • Poor- More than 5% of battery drop in 10 minutes.

Hardware Overview

The Honor Holly 2 Plus packs a 5-inch 720p display, which looks vibrant and has good viewing angles. Under the display, it packs a 1.3GHz Quad Core processor, which is capable of performing up to the mark when it comes to gaming and other tasks. It runs on a MediaTek chipset, coupled with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of in-built storage. The storage of the device can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card.

Honor Holly Plus

All in all, the hardware of the phone does not hamper its gaming performance in any way, but let’s find out how well the games run on the phone.

Gaming Performance

The Holly 2 Plus runs a lite version of the EMUI 3.1, which allows the software to run smoothly, and allow the apps and games to run smoothly as well. We tested out the phone by playing three games that we thought could challenge the phone. We played Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8: Airborne and Unkilled on this smartphone, and it was fair enough to play any of the games in medium or low amount of graphic settings. Playing them in the higher resolution may lead to occational lags and hiccups in the heavy games. Other than that, we noticed some unusual amount of loading time while progressing in the game. Overall, the gaming on this device was good considering the price.


Since the phone has a 720p display only, all the games have to render less pixels on the screen, allowing the phone to not use much power. On the heating side of things, the phone did get warm with some continuous gaming, but it wasn’t hot. It was still comfortable to hold the phone in hand and continue gaming.

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Battery Performance

The Holly 2 Plus packs a massive 4,000mAh battery which should be able to give you an idea about the battery performance of the device. The device is capable of performing great on the battery side by giving you a great 2 day usage, and in actual usage, it did give us close to two days of usage. The phone was used for gaming, WhatsApp, email sync and just usual browsing on Facebook, Twitter and other websites on the Chrome browser.

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The Power Saving mode in the battery settings for the Holly 2 Plus is effective in delivering much more battery that you’d get usually, but then it cuts out on other important features like data/WiFi on your smartphone. It basically disconnects you from the internet when your phone’s screen is not on and then when you start using your phone, it connects you to the internet again and all your notifications start popping on your smartphone at one go. This power saving mode is definitely not for the power users who don’t want to miss any notification on their phone.

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The best part about the massive battery on the Holly 2 Plus is the reverse charging, that allows you to charge other devices using the battery of the Holly 2 Plus. In other words, you can use the Holly 2 Plus as a power bank to charge other devices.


Overall, performance wise, the Holly 2 Plus performs good. It does show minimal lags while playing games but does not drain a lot of battery. Also, the standby time on the phone is great as it lasted us about two days of light usage. The massive battery that the phone packs definitely helps it in providing that massive battery life, but some credits go to the lite software on the phone as well. This can definitely be the best smartphone to buy in this price range.


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