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InFocus Bingo 21 FAQ, Pros, Cons, User Queries and Answers

We have seen a number of compelling smartphones from InFocus last year. As we know, India has a huge market for phones below 6K and InFocus has launched another smartphone under this category. The company has a totally different approach to reach the roots of the Indian smartphone market, and it has been releasing back to back affordable handsets with quality features for the consumers. The recent release from InFocus is the InFocus Bingo 21 smartphone, it is priced at INR 5,499 in India. Here is the answers to most common queries about the InFocus Bingo 21.

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InFocus Bingo 21 Pros

  • Affordable
  • 5MP front camera with LED flash
  • Handy Design
  • Dual-SIM 4G connectivity

InFocus Bingo 21 Cons

  • Below average display
  • Thick

InFocus Bingo 21 Quick Specifications

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Question- How is Design and Build Quality?

Answer- InFocus Bingo 21 is a 4.5 inch display phone and it is majorly made up of plastic. The design is very ordinary; it has nothing much to boast about the design except the striped back cover and curved display edges. Due to the small display size, the phone is easy to hold and use with one hand. The build feels solid in hand, and looks like a good quality plastic which will last long on the longer run.

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Question- Does the InFocus Bingo 21 Have Dual SIM Slots?

Answer- Yes, it has dual SIM slots.

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Question- Does the InFocus Bingo 21 Have microSD Expansion option?

Answer- Yes, the InFocus Bingo 21 has a separate slot for microSD expansion, it can support up to 32 GB microSD.

Question- Does InFocus Bingo 21 Have Display Glass Protection?

Answer- The InFocus Bingo 21 does not have a display glass protection.

Question- How is the Display of the InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- It comes with a 4.5 inch FWVGA display with a video resolution of 854×480 pixels. We do not expect a great amount of details and crispness on this type of display but it looked pretty good while playing games and watching videos while testing this device. Surprisingly, the viewing angles of the device are good and outdoor visibility is also considerable.

Question- Does InFocus Bingo 21 Support Adaptive Brightness?

Answer- Yes, it supports adaptive brightness.


Question- Are navigation Buttons Backlit?

Answer- No, there are no capacitive navigation buttons on the body, it has on-screen navigation keys.

Question- Which OS Version, Type Runs on Phone?

Answer- It comes with the Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Question- Is there any Finger Print Sensor, How Good or Bad It Is?

Answer- No, this phone does not have a fingerprint sensor.

Question- Is Fast Charging Supported in InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- No, it does not support fast charging.

Question- How Much Free Internal Storage is Available to User?

Answer- 3.71 GB is available out of 8 GB at user end.


Question- Can Apps be moved to SD card on InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- Yes, apps can be moved to SD card.


Question- How Much Bloatware Apps are Pre-installed, Are They Removable?

Answer- It comes with 1.02 GB of bloatware apps pre-installed. It cannot be removed but it can be moved to microSD card.

Question- How Much RAM is Available on the first Boot?

Answer- Out of 2 GB, 1.4 GB is free on the first boot.


Question- Does it have LED notification light?

Answer- Yes, it does have a LED notification light.


Question- Does it support USB OTG?

Answer- No, it does not support USB OTG.

Question- Does InFocus Bingo 21 offer theme options to choose from?

Answer- No, Bingo 21 does not offer theme options to choose.

Question- How loud is The Loudspeaker?

Answer- The speakers are just above average and produce a decent quality sound. The speaker is on the back side of the phone.

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Question- How is the Call quality?

Answer- The call quality is good, the voice was clear and the network reception was also great.

Question- How good is The Camera Quality of the InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- It comes with an 8 MP primary and 5 MP secodary shooter. The rear camera works fine in natural light but loses control in dim lighting conditions. It took a little extra time in processing the images but the results were quite satisfactory. The main highlight of the device is the 5 MP front shooter with flash, it captures decent selfies looking at the price. We used it indoors and the results were much better than any other phone of this range.

InFocus Bingo 21 Camera Samples

Question- Can we Play Full HD 1080p Videos on InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- Yes, it is can play full HD videos but the resolution will be restricted to 480p.

Question- Can InFocus Bingo 21 record slow motion & time-lapse videos?

Answer- No, it cannot record either slow motion videos or time-lapse video.

Question- How is Battery Backup on InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- It has a 2700 mAh battery which sounds pretty decent for a phone with such specifications. The small display size and limited screen resolution demand least power. You can easily have a full day of backup with single charge.

Question- What Color Variants Available for InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer– It will be available in Fashion white, Blue and Orange colours.

Question- Can we set the display colour temperature on InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- Yes, you can change display temperature.


Question- Is there any in-built power saver in the InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- Yes it has multiple customizable modes for power saving.


Question- Which Sensors are available on InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- It has Light sensor, Proximity sensor and Proximity sensor.

Question- What is the Weight of InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- It weighs 153 grams.

Question- What is the SAR Value of InFocus Bingo 21?

Answer- Not available.

Question- Does It Support Tap Wake up Commands?

Answer- No, it does not support double tap to wake up command.

Question- Does It Support Voice Wake up Commands?

Answer- No, it does not support voice wake up commands.

Question- What are the benchmark scores?

Answer- The benchmark scores are:-

Screenshot_2016-02-02-14-06-49 Screenshot_2016-02-02-13-57-35 Screenshot_2016-02-02-14-04-23

Antutu Benchmark- 25640

Geekbench 3- Single-core score is 3999/ Multi-core score is 1222

Qudrant Standard- 6196

Nenamark- 58.2 fps

Question- Does InFocus Bingo 21 Have Heating Issues?

Answer- No, we did not face any unusual heating while testing the device.

Question- Can InFocus Bingo 21 be connected to a Bluetooth Headset?

Answer- Yes, it can be connected to a Bluetooth headset.

Question- How is the Gaming Performance?

Answer- Gaming performance on this device is average, we tried playing Dead Trigger 2 on this phone and our experience was smooth initially. As we proceeded, the game started lagging in some parts of the game so we decided not to install a heavier game like Asphalt 8 on the device. It is good for light games, not recommended for those who require high end gaming performance, and if I be honest, a smartphone of this price range are not meant for gaming.

Question- Mobile Hotspot Internet Sharing Supported?

Answer- Yes, you can create hotspot to share internet from this device.


The low budget device from InFocus has managed to impress us with the overall user experience. We would have loved to see a better display and a thinner design, but the current features and offerings are reasonable for the price it comes for. It is a good option for those who are looking to buy their first smartphone under this range and also for the youth.