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Sony Xperia X FAQ, Features, Comparison & Photos- All You Need To Know

At the Mobile World Congress 2016, Sony has introduced their all new high-end Xperia X series smartphones. The new Xperia X range has now taken over the Z series from the company; it features common designs across the three variants and all sport 5 inch displays. Every variant is based on a different SoC and offers slightly different functions.

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Picture Source- SONY UK website

The Xperia X smartphone represents as the company’s mid-range smartphone, and here are all the unknown facts about the latest offering from Sony.

Sony Xperia X Specifications

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Sony Xperia X Competition

With such configurations, the Xperia X will compete with the phones like Samsung Galaxy A7, Redmi Note 3, Alcatel Idol 4s and more upcoming devices with similar set of configurations.

Sony Xperia X Key Features

  • The Sony Xperia X comes with a brand new tech called Predictive Hybrid Autofocus, which allows you to choose your subject by tapping on the screen and then it stays absolutely locked onto it by predicting its movements. This allows you to capture fast moving subjects like a car or a toddler with small amount of shutter delay and get perfect sharp clarity.
  • Sony says that the Xperia X will have two days of battery life, with the help of a Californian company Qnovo’s Adaptive Charging technology, which should increase the battery lifespan by up to 100%. This means you won’t need to change your battery pack even after 18 months of use.
  • The Xperia X will feature an all-metal body as well as a great looking 2.5D curve glass layer that fits beautifully with the rounded continuous frame on all the sides.
  • It has the Snapdragon 650 chipset inside; the processor was announced around a year before. It is a hexa-core SoC featuring two ARM Cortex-A72 cores and four A-53 cores. It is one of the few devices to be launched with this chipset.
  • The smartphone will run on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, which makes the Xperia X series phone to be the first Sony phones to come with Android Marshmallow.

Sony Xperia X Photos

Sony Xperia X User Queries and Answers

Question: What are different colour variants of Sony Xperia X available?

Answer: Sony Xperia X will be available in White, Graphite Black, Lime Gold and Rose Gold colour variants.

Question: How is the design and build quality?

Answer: The Xperia X fits in with Sony’s unified design language. It includes a 2.5D curved glass at the front and a metallic frame with smooth rounded edges. Holding on to this device feels great. Overall, this smartphone looks very premium and feels like the top tier flagships.

Question: Do they have backlit navigation keys?

Answer: No, there are no physical navigation buttons present on the body, it has on-screen navigation keys.

Question: Does it have Gorilla Glass Protection?

Answer: We are not sure about the Gorilla Glass protection as the company has not mentioned anything about it till now.

Question: Which OS version runs on Xperia X?

Answer: It comes with the old Sony UI based on Android Marshmallow.

Question: Does it have a fingerprint sensor?

Answer: Yes, it has a fingerprint sensor placed at the right side of the phone.

Question: What are the dimensions and weight?

Answer: The dimensions are 142.7 x 69.4 x 7.9 mm and the weight is 153 grams.

Question: What is the SoC used on Xperia X?

Answer: Xperia X has Qualcomm Snapdragon 650, which was released on February 18th 2015.

Question: When is the Sony Xperia X going to be launched? 

Answer: Sony mentions that the devices will be available from Summer 2016, which indicates June-July for most of the countries outside USA. We can expect it to arrive in India in the second half of 2016.

Question: What is the price for the Xperia X?
Answer: The Xperia X price is also not confirmed, but according to reports it will retail for 599 euros in Europe, which equates to around INR 45K.

Question: How about Sony Xperia X display?

Answer: Xperia X display is quite an appealing element of the phone. It’s a 5 inch FHD (1,080p) display panel with Sony’s Triluminos technology and seems to be a fine display on first. The real test will come when we get an opportunity to use the display outdoors and in more conditions.

Question: What are the detailed camera specs of Xperia X?

Answer: The Xperia X uses a ½.3 inch 23 MP Exmor RS rear camera sensor with f/2.0 aperture and for the front it has 1/3 inch 13 MP Exmor RS lens with f/2.0 aperture and 22m wide angle lens.

Question: Does it support Dual SIM connectivity?

Answer: Yes Xperia X has a dual SIM variant with 64 GB in-built memory.

Question: Is there a micro SD card slot?

Answer: Yes, there is a separate slot for micro SD which can accept up to 200 GB of microSD.

Question: Does the Sony Xperia X support Quick Charging?
Answer: Yes, none of the model comes with Qnovo fast charging.

Question: How much is the battery capacity?

Answer: It comes with a 2620 mAh battery, but Sony claims that it can last up to two days and it also has double the lifespan of average smartphone batteries.


Sony has come up with some convincing new devices at MWC this year, and the Xperia X is possibly one of the most important devices of all. This could perhaps turn the fortunes for Sony after successive lows in terms of sales in recent years. Xperia X has a good set of hardware and premium design, and if it can really manage two days of battery life in real then it can seriously change things for the Xperia line. But Sony has to make sure that the prices are kept well under the expected brackets, or else there are a lot other options for users to choose in the mid-range smartphones.


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