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Sony MDR XB650BT Unboxing and Quick Review

Sony is a well-known brand when it comes to music, especially headphones and earphones. Sony makes one of the best headphones that you can get, especially if you are a bass lover. They have an entire series of headphones called the Extra Bass series, which has the model numbers beginning from XB. Today, Sony has added another headphone to their lineup of Extra Bass headphones, called the Sony MDR XB650BT, where BT stands for Bluetooth.

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Sony MDR XB650BT Specifications

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Sony MDR XB650BT Pros

  • Extreme levels of Bass
  • Great Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters
  • Extended battery life of up to 30 hours with 4 hours of charging.

Sony MDR XB650BT Cons

  • No provision for using the headphones in a wired mode if battery runs out

Sony MDR XB650BT Features

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Music controls on the headset
  • On-ear design
  • 30mm drivers for good sound output

Sony MDR XB650BT Unboxing Photos

Sony MDR XB650BT Box Contents

Inside the box of the Sony MDR XB650BT, you’ll find the following contents.

  • The headphones themselves
  • A micro USB cable for charging the headphones
  • Quick start Guide
  • Warranty information

Design and Build Quality

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The Sony MDR XB650BT features a premium design and build quality. The headphones that I tested were red in colour, where the earcups were red and the headband was also red.

In terms of the design, the headphones feature the classic Sony headphone design that we’ve seen before. These headphones have a matte finish on the ear cups which gives it a premium look.

The right ear cup of the headphone houses the microphone and the Bluetooth controls, along with the charging port for charging the inbuilt batteries in these headphones.

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In terms of the Bluetooth control, the headphone has play/pause, next, previous and volume controls, which lets you manage these tasks without needing to touch your phone at all.

In terms of the portability of the headphones, the headphones fold flat so you can carry them in your bag without any problem. Unfortunately, the headphones don’t come with any carrying case, but the build quality of the headphones had me convinced that there is no need for a carrying case. The headphones have a sturdy plastic that makes up strong look on the headphones.

Sony MDR XB650BT Photo Gallery

Sound Quality and Performance

The sound quality of the MDR XB650BT is exceptionally well. If you are a bass lover, you’ll definitely enjoy using these headphones but even if you’re not, you can just turn down the bass from your phone’s equalizer and enjoy your type of music.

For testing the sound quality of the headphones, I paired it with my Nexus 6 from last year and played my EDM Playlist that has a lot of good songs with high bass and beats. The sound performance and the maximum volume that I could get from the headphones were exceptional. That’s all I can say about it.

I also tested the headphones with soft songs to test the low and mids of the headphones and I must say that the headphones shine in this area as well. Basically, whatever type of music you want to listen with these headphones, they have you covered.

Microphone Quality

The microphone on the headphones is located on the right ear cup and, first of all, you’ll think that how good can the microphone be if it’s all the way on the ear cup. But trust me, the microphone does get the job done. I used the MDR XB650BT with my smartphone, and while listening to music, I also attended a few calls. During the call, the sound clarity was great for me to listen and for the other person as well.

The microphone on the MDR XB650BT has some sort of noise cancellation as well because I was in a busy area when using them, and still the other person could hear me without any trouble.

Bluetooth Controls

As I’ve already told you about the Bluetooth controls, which are located on the right ear cup of the headphones. In terms of usability of these controls, I must say that these controls do work well and are easy to get used to. I tried controlling the music playing from an Android device as well as an iPhone and in both the cases, the controls worked just fine. There was just a minute lag at times when changing songs, but other than that, it was all great!


Overall, if I have to rate these headphones out of 10, I’d personally rate them 9. It would have been great to see an auxiliary input on the headphones that would allow the user to play music even when the battery runs out on the headphones. Also, some people will prefer listening to music via a cable than using Bluetooth, and having that option in these headphones would have been great.


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