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16nm Kirin 650 Chipset provides you better gaming Experience?

One thing is for sure that smaller the fabrication process, better will be its performance. Performance includes the responsiveness of your smartphone, quality of 4G LTE, level of graphics, power consumption, quality of camera and more.

If we talk about GPUs, then most of the smartphones available in the market usually choose to go with ARMs Mali, Qualcomm;s Adreno or Imagination’s PowerVR.

Let us take a look at 16nm fabricated Kirin 950 as an example

Graphics and Gaming Experience

Kirin 950 is the first SoC which comes with 4 cores of Cortex A72 and 4 Cortex A53. Reducing the fabrication length, helps to improve the clocking speed for CPU and GPU cores. Hence, that is the reason why Kirin 950 will have Cortx A72 cores clocked at 2.3 GHz.

While other flagship with 14nm fabrication by Qualcomm or Samsung have been using Cortex 53 or Cortex 57 cores. Huawei somehow managed to put latest generation Cortex 72 on its Kirin 950.

This enhances the performance of a smartphone by multiple folds, which will be clearly visible once you run Benchmark tests over the smartphones using this SoC. The improvement in the performance of GPU from Kirin 620 to Kirin 650 is claimed to be of 100%.

How Kirin 650 will change the way you game on budget smartphones?

  • With 16nm chipset size, the Kirin 650 has a Mali -T830 which is 100% faster than the previous generation Kirin 620.
  • It is designed to produce least heat while playing high end games.
  • Quick rendering reduces the possibility of minor frame-drops in graphic intensive games.
  • There is no other chipset in this budget that can handle heavy games like Asphalt 8 and Nova 3 with such ease.

Now when we know that Honor is going to put the Kirin 650 in its next smartphone, all we can do is to wait and see how does the up coming Honor smartphone performs when it comes to gaming.

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