Uber describes itself as “Everyone’s Private Driver”. The reason why Uber grew so fast was because it offered a reliable, and event pleasant, mode of public transport at affordable prices. But as it has grown bigger, its service has taken a hit, something which need to  be fixed now else there won’t be any difference between an Uber cab and an auto-rickshaw.


It used to be such a reliable cab service provider for such a long time but it’s getting worse nowadays. And it’s not only the Uber but Ola is also somewhat same when it comes to service. Recently our Chief Editor and tech blogger Abhishek Bhatnagar experienced something of this kind and I am sure there are many more customers who are facing such service issues.

Tech blogger & YouTuber Abhishek Bhatnagar booked a cab using Uber cab service. The Uber cab was just 5 minutes away from the pickup point. But suddenly the driver, started the trip without picking the passenger itself. After keeping it on On-trip the driver rode his cab till some distance and finally ended the trip. Charges were deducted from the Uber wallet without even getting on the cab. Few days back, same case happened with Ola as well.

Take a look at the video below, Abhishek Bhatnagar caught this incident on camera and here is what happened with him.

Recently this kind of incidents have been started and the app has no specific option to complain in such cases. There is no option in the app to call the driver while you are on the ride . So where one should call when the driver didn’t pick you and went on a ride with his friend or who so ever. Well that’s how these drivers are ripping off and looting the customer’s hard earned money. Uber can’t be blamed directly but Uber should know about the happening of such cases and take some serious action against these kind of issues.

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App asks for the feedback with various option like car quality, service, trip to other. But what to choose if your ride has started without picking you up? Even there is an option called “Need Help” but it doesn’t helps either. Uber should take care of these fraud drivers who are looting their customer’s money and should add some instant complaint services.


These incidents are shocking and are occurring very frequently nowadays, which is totally wrong and unacceptable. To be precise, these fraud drivers are making you pay for nothing.

Money is not the only issue in these cases, your money is being charged and possibly you will get it back after a complaint. But the real problem is the inconvenience caused by such activities, if someone is in urgent need of a cab and he or she faces such situation then who will be blamed? What if you have no cash and the only e-money you can use has been charged by the fraud driver, then what will that person do? These are small things that turn into major troubles for some, as you cannot judge the person using the service.

Well these things certainly needs to be taken care of by the cab companies so that the customers don’t land into any trouble. We have done our part, now its your turn to tell us what you think about this problem.