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Google Allo Now Live, Available For Download

Google Allo is finally live, after weeks of teasing and leaks. The latest messaging app from Google comes with a slew of features that Google users have been asking for. Allo is rolling out in the Play Store for users across the globe.

Google Allo Features

Google Allo

Aimed as a competitor to apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc, Google Allo connects to your phone number just like WhatsApp, so you don’t have to worry about signing in with your Google account. With the sign up process made so simple, Google hopes its users switch to Allo from other apps.

The simplicity is not the only feature of Google Allo. It comes with features like stickers, Smart Reply, Image editing and lastly, Google Assistant. Here’s a brief intro of all these features.

Respond without typing, in your style.

Smart Reply lets you keep the conversation moving with a single tap by suggesting text and emoji responses based on your personality. For example, it learns if you’re more of a “haha” or “lol” person so the more you use Google Allo, the more “you” the suggestions become.

Shout, or whisper it, to get your point across.

Add more meaning to your words by adjusting the size of your text. When you need more than ALL CAPS to get your point across, simply slide up to shout, and down to whisper.

Turn any photo into a work of art.

Get creative with the photos you send by doodling on them or adding text. Draw a smiley face, turn your friends into memes, and mix in some color.

Say it all with the perfect sticker.

Stickers in Google Allo are designed by independent artists and studios from around the world. From Drama Llama to Food Party, add some fun to the conversation when words aren’t enough.

Google Assistant

Your Assistant can suggest restaurants nearby or movies to check out, right in your conversation. Find videos to share, get directions, and seek answers together with your friends. Just add @google, and your Assistant is ready to help.

Download Google Allo

Google Allo should be live for most of the users out there.

Android users can download it from the Play Store here. If you are not able to see it yet, you can download the APK from here and install it manually.

iOS users can download it from the App Store here.


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