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Top 5 “Made in India” products at India Gadgetz Expo 2016

Last week we were at the India Gadgetz Expo 2016 held at Bengaluru, India. IGE 2016 is a tech based exhibition where different brands provide a glimpse into future of consumer technology. The event was dedicated solely to technology lovers with a lot to learn and discuss. We spent a day at the expo and met some passionate tech startups from India. There were many new products and what makes them exciting is that they are made in India.

Out of many new homegrown inventions, we picked out 5 of the best products from the expo. Here is a list of 5 useful inventions at IGE 2016:

Zmote- Wi-Fi Universal Remote

Zmote is an IR blaster with Wi-Fi connectivity. It can learn and monitor the actions to perform the desired command given by your smartphone. It receives the signal from your phone through the Wi-Fi and converts it to IR signal and then sends it to the device. It supports over 3000 remotes, which makes it compatible with most of the devices.

You can watch the video below to get a better idea about the product.

Irrway- Green mobility vehicle

Irrway is an eco-friendly mobility vehicle for short distances. It is a useful solution for short distance travel, within IT parks, malls, huge townships, University campuses. It is not like a normal electric scooter, it comes with aesthetic tripod design with a single rider capacity. It comes with a RFID Smart tag is a feature, which provides access only to the authorized user. The battery on Irrway gets charged from 0-100% in 4-5 hours and you can ride it for 16-20 kms on a single charge. Top speed of this hop-on scooter is 15KM/H.

There are a lot of interesting features in this scooter; you can watch this video to know more about it.

Lumos- Solar powered bagpacks

Lumos is an India based company which is known for making bagpacks with special capabilities. Lumos is already selling their bags around the globe and have satisfied many consumers. The company focuses on the cyclists and tries to bring the most useful solutions to make their riding experience easier.

The company has a multiple product line-up with bagpacks which offer flexible solar fabric in place of the hard panels. The quality and designing has been the top selling point of these bags as they feel very comfortable while riding a bicycle. For more detailed information you can go to their official website or watch the video below.

Bit Motion- Turn your ordinary bicycle into a smart bicycle

Bit Motion is a product that is still under making but will be out very soon. It is a motion sensing bicycle gear. There are two different products out of which one can be fixed under the seat and the other one on the handlebar. The module on the front keeps a track on your activities with a single button display showing the distance, calories, minutes and more. It also has a LED light which works as the headlight if you are riding your bike at the night. Also the module under the seat comes with a wireless design, which automatically lights up when the riders hits the break. The sensors on the light sense the jerk or sudden drop in speed and light up automatically.

You can watch the video for the price and more detailed information on both.
Charge Plus- OTG charger for Bikes

Charger Plus is already established in the market and they sell some of their products on Amazon. They showcased two of their products which have strong relevance to our daily life. One of the product range is the OTG chargers for bikes and two wheelers, which were only limited to cars till now. There are three models- Charge Plus Duo, Charge Plus Uno, Charge Plus Advanced.

Other product that was highlighted at the event was a Router UPS. Which basically works as a UPS for your Wi-Fi router which gives up to 4 hours of backup to your router.

Watch video for more info-

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