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Blackberry DTEK 60 and DTEK 50 Launched in India, Specs, Price and Initial Opinion

Nearly fifty days after international launch, Blackberry DTEK 60 and Blackberry DTEK 50 have hit the Indian shores. Today, at an event in Delhi Blackberry unveiled both the phones, which are based on Android OS. It claimed that these phones are most secure Android phones, which come with an alert system that tells the user if their privacy is at risk. Also, these phones have enhanced bootloader that enables a secure boot process. Bear in mind, these phones are not manufactured by Blackberry, but it has outsourced the production to Alcatel.


It is a flagship phone, which features high-end specs, as well as, hefty price tag. Unlike its predecessor, Blackberry Priv, it doesn’t come with traditional keypad but retains Android Os. It is the first phone from Blackberry to come with 4GB RAM, fingerprint sensor, and USB-type C port.



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Initial Opinion

With the likes of HTC 10, Samsung S7, iPhone 6S in the same price segment, DTEK 60 faces some tough competition. Though it comes with flagship hardware, it lacks Blackberry quirks like the keypad and appealing design. Camera has been Achilles heel for Blackberry phones, and it seems there hasn’t been any giant leap made in solving it. During the short time we used the rear camera, we are disappointed with the pics taken in artificial light. However, we will reserve our opinion and provide in-depth analysis soon.


It is a mid-tier phone, which is powered by year old Qualcomm Snapdragon 617. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with 2016 norms like fingerprint sensor, USB-type C, and 32GB base storage.



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Initial Opinion

Blackberry placed the phone in an already crowded segment where Mi5, LeMax 2, and Zenfone 3 are vying for the market share. So it will be a herculean task for DTEK50 to supersede these phones; however, if you are looking for a decent Blackberry phone at a decent price, you should definitely check DTEK50.


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