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22 Places Where You Can Use Old 500 INR Banned Note

On 8th of November, PM Narendra Modi announced that the 500 and 1000 rupees notes will no longer be considered legal or valid. People having 500 and 1000 rupees notes were supposed to either get it exchanged from the nearby banks or deposit it to their respective bank accounts. However the exchange was suppose to be done within a limited period of time. There were also few places where people were allowed to use their old notes for limited period of time.

However Government has stopped the exchange process of the old 1000 rupees notes and now you can’t exchange the old notes with the new ones and can neither use it as a currency. However you can still deposit your old 1000 rupees notes into your account. So as of now you can only get exchanged your old 500 rupees note but only till December 15. There are only a few places where you can still use your old 500 rupees note for payment. We have prepared a list of few places where 500 notes will be accepted till the midnight of 15 December 2016.

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22 Places Where You Can Use Old Rs. 500 Notes

500 INR

  1. Government Colleges – Payment of Central or State Government college fee can be done with the 500 rupees notes.
  2. Petrol Pumps – All the Petrol pumps are going to accept 500 rupees notes till 15th December.
  3. Prepaid Mobile Recharges – You can do prepaid mobile recharges with 500 rupees notes.
  4. Electricity Bills – You can pay your Electricity Bills with 500 rupees notes.
  5. Water Bills – You can pay your Water Bills with 500 rupees notes as well.
  6. Toll Booths – All the Toll booths in India are going to accept the 500 rupees notes from December 3 to December 15.
  7. Government Schools – Payment of Central Government, State Government or Municipality school fee can be done with the 500 rupees note but till max amount of 2000.
  8. Consumer Co-operative stores – Payment in the Consumer Co-operative stores can be done with the 500 rupees notes. However it is limited to Rs. 5000 at a time.
  9. Foreigners – Foreigners are permitted to exchange their foreign currency up to Rs. 5000 per week. However entries for the exchange will be done in your passport.
  10. Metro Rail Ticket- Payments at Metro Rail Ticket counter can be done with 500 rupees notes.
  11. LPG gas cylinders – Payments for LPG gas cylinders can be done with 500 rupees notes.
  12. Taxes and Penalties – Payments of taxes and penalties to government bodies, Courts can be done with 500 rupees notes.
  13. Seeds – Payments of seeds at state-owned outlets can be done with 500 rupees notes.
  14. ASI Monument Tickets – Payments of ASI monument entry tickets can be done with 500 rupees notes.
  15. Railway Catering Services – Payments of Railway catering service can be done with 500 rupees notes.
  16. Medicines – Payments for the medicines prescribed by a doctor can be done with 500 rupees notes.
  17. Crematoria – Payments for Crematoria or burial grounds can be done with 500 rupees notes.
  18. Milk Booths – Payments at milk booths can be done with 500 rupees note.
  19. Airline Tickets – Payments of airline tickets can be done with 500 rupees note at airports.
  20. Public Transport – Payments for Public transport (buses) can be done with 500 rupees notes.
  21. Railway Tickets – Payments for railway tickets can be done with 500 rupees.
  22. Government Hospitals – Payments at government hospitals can be done with 500 rupees notes.

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So these are some places where you can do the payment with your old 500 rupees notes without any hassle. However these places will only accept the old 500 currency till 15th of December. It is advisable to deposit all your old notes to your account and get the new currency notes via ATMs or banks to avoid unwanted problems.

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