OnePlus 3T India Launch Confirmed, Date and Expected Price

The company which has gained popularity with its limited lineup is now looking to come up with its next model. The team of OnePlus has revealed that they will be bringing the OnePlus 3T in India on December 2nd with an expected price to be around under Rs 30,000 for 64 GB storage variant. Looking at the global market, the OnePlus 3T will be available in both, the 64GB and 128 GB.


The design has not been changed significantly still the designing team of OnePlus 3T has equipped a bigger 3400 mAh battery inside the upcoming phone. The performance is ensured by Snapdragon 821 which is clocked at 2.35 GHz and the front camera is upgraded with the 16 MP front camera. For the rear camera, a sapphire glass is added for its protection.

The software has also received some changes to perform in an effective manner and now it will be available with Android Nougat by the end of this year. For the 5.5-inch AMOLED display, a 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass 4 is added and the new gunmetal color will further allure the customers.

The specifications are sound and look promising but, the exact pricing and its availability are not clear for now. So, for the ones who are already using OnePlus 3, the option of upgrading it to 3T is not a wise step unless, an improved battery with OnePlus tagging is what you are looking for. Also, there was a poll conducted by the company for the users where the game of Truth or Dare was organized for the online visitors.

So, let us wait and see how the new phone further improves the market share of the company in India. Looking at the popularity of OnePlus lineup in India, the improved battery in the OnePlus 3T and slight improvements in the software and processor will surely attract a significant number of consumers. But, this is just an estimation and nothing can be confirmed until the phone is in the market.