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Allo Google Assistant Now Supports Hindi, Brazilian & Portuguese

To further improve the user experience in an effective manner, Google Allo now supports Hindi, Brazilian and Portuguese. As this is one of the easiest ways to take Google Support, introducing a range of language options will help using the app in a much easier way. Google has adopted two of the most used languages across the globe and it is a smart step to take the cutting edge in the intense competition.

For now, the feature might take some time to be implemented, as support is likely to be rolling via a server-side switch. The users who have their Android systems in Hindi or Brazilian Portuguese, they can see the switch automatically after getting the updated app.


But, alternate language support can be used by anyone using a voice command, “Talk to me in Hindi/Portuguese”. This command will just change the language setting for Allo, the rest of the system will continue to work in your default language.

The other “AI” goodies in Assistant are likely to work in the natural way as they are supposed to. Smart Reply may offer to switch back and forth depending on the detection of what language the user is using at that time.


The Brazilian users have also received a new set of custom stickers with Brazilian Portuguese by lines. Google ensured to expand its support in Hindi in September and staying true to its words, the brand is all set with its new language support. The Allo’s Smart Reply feature is only available in English, Hindi, “Hinglish,” German, and Brazilian Portuguese. We can also see new language support soon from Google, to further improve its assistant feature.

Do you use Google Allo? Will you use it now that it has support for Hindi? Let us know in the comments below.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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