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Amazon Prime Video Launched In India, Bundled With Prime Subscription

Amazon Prime Video is finally available in India. Announced during its Prime Video event, the ecommerce giant revealed that the Prime Video service is now available across 242 countries and territories around the world. Amazon had launched Prime subscriptions in India earlier this year at a price of Rs. 999 per year, with an introductory price of Rs. 499 per year at the moment.

Amazon Prime Video Launch Details

The Amazon Prime Video service is available as a part of the Prime subscription. This means that existing Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to enjoy the Prime Video service for free. In other territories, the Prime Video service will be available at an introductory price of $2.99 per month. However, Indian users can enjoy it as a part of the Prime subscription itself.

Amazon Prime Video

On calculation, you will find that the Amazon Prime Video service costs less than Rs. 100 per month. Not only do you get to enjoy the Prime Video service as part of the Amazon Prime subscription, you can also avail benefits like free/discounted One Day and Two Day delivery, early access to deals in addition to unlimited video and music download/streaming.

In comparison, Netflix subscriptions in India costs Rs. 500 per month for a single screen subscription with only Standard definition streaming, Rs. 650 per month with HD and two screens or Rs. 800 for HD, Ultra HD and four screens.

Amazon Prime Video Availability

At the moment, you can access Prime Video on Android or iOS devices only. Both the apps have been made available in India.

Download Amazon Prime Video for Android from Google Play Store.

Download Amazon Prime Video for iOS from Apple App Store.


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