Reliance Jio has already taken the market by storm with its unmatchable offers and deals. The unlimited high-speed 4G internet, unlimited voice calls, and unlimited access to apps ecosystem is not all that the company is looking to restrict itself but, it is looking to dig deep to improve its market reach.


The company has already acquired 60 million users till date in just 4 months of its commercial operations and as many users are still using 3G smartphone, Reliance Jio could extend its services to those users as well, suggested by speculations in the market.

According to one of the major news houses of India, Reliance Jio is now working on a new mobile app that will allow 3G smartphone users to enjoy high-speed 4G services without spending money on buying another device which is 4G compatible. If we rely on the speculations then the app might be introduced by the end of this month and this might be again a big shock for the Reliance Jio competitors.

All these speculations sound good as a plan but, if we break down this news into bits and pieces then it will be a really tough task for Reliance to switch to 3G spectrum. The company claim itself to be an all-IP 4G service provider and to enter the 3G market, the company might lease 3G spectrum from other service providers. While that may be possible, it goes against the ethos of Jio – super fast data on a purely 4G LTE network. Reliance Jio has already invested a lot of money to acquire 60 million users and till date, the revenue cycle has not been initiated yet. This cycle is not looking to push off till March and investing again a lot of money in new market segment might not be a wise step. We would take this rumour with a pinch of salt for now.

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Considering the Jio’s ‘Happy New year’ offer, the customers will be getting unlimited local and national voice, video calls along with local as well as national SMS (daily cap of 100 messages). In addition to this, users will also get high-speed internet access with daily download cap restricted at 1 GB. Passing the threshold will reduce the speed to 128 Kbps and will be restored every midnight.

So, 3G users don’t set your expectations high from Reliance Jio as we cannot rely on such speculations until we get any official word from the company. For now, it’s wiser to treat all this speculation with a good amount of suspicion, unless any evidence supporting these claims is revealed.