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How To Stay Away From Unsecure And Fake e-Wallet Apps

After demonetization, E-wallet apps users have increased at a tremendous rate. As digital payments is gaining significant attention from the users, it is also becoming a hot cake for the cyber criminals. Though we have not seen any significant case where users have been duped by fake e-wallet apps in India but, there is a high probability of it. So, before you install E-wallet app, always consider the below mention points.

Check The Logo

There are chances where cyber criminals might come up with a tweaked logo of one of the popular E-wallet apps. This might confuse the user, leading to downlaod fake app. Therefore, always check the logo properly and confirm before downloading and using any e-wallet app.

Security Solutions


Consumers should install security solutions just like one would do on a desktop or laptop. As a large number of consumers are now using smartphones to do their transactions, it is highly essential to have proper security measures installed. Most of the users are not aware of the security threats on mobiles and for them, a need for anti-virus app increases.

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Check The Reputation Of App

User Review of App

Always check the reputation of an e-wallet app before you install. Check the reviews of other users about a particular app before you download and use it. It will give you a fair idea about the app’s reputation. While new apps are launched regularly, make sure you go with known and trusted ones if you are just getting started with e-wallet apps.

Never Save CVV Details

E-Wallet Security

Most of the payment gateways give us an option of saving our card details to make the payment process fast. But, none of the reputed apps ask you to save your CVV number. If any app saves your CVV details then there is something fishy. Also, always ensure to enable one-time password at the time of transaction. Most of the banks offer this already, in addition to other options like your 3D Securecode or ATM pin. Try to use OTP when possible, even if it is a little time consuming.

Check The Payment Address

Mobile Wallet App

At the time of making payment always check the name of the company or the person to whom you are making payment. If you find something fishy, check the details and then confirm your payment. If you are making the payment via a website, make sure that it is a secured webpage (generally with a secured lock icon, often green in colour).

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Apart from this, also check the spelling of the app you are downloading. There are chances where there is a slight tweak in the order of the letter that might create a confusion.

There are certain measures which government has already taken to make the online transactions safe and secure. But, it is our own responsibility as well to pay attention while making online transactions.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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