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Reliance Jio To Start Alloting 6-Series Mobile Numbers Soon

While speeding towards its target of 100 million customers, Reliance Jio will soon start alloting mobile numbers starting with 6. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of India has reportedly assigned the 6-Series cell phone numbers to Jio for use in Rajasthan, Assam, and Tamil Nadu. The 4G-only network provider also got the 8-Series MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) codes to be used in Maharashtra and Kolkata and the 9-Series for usage in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

So, what would the 6-Series mobile numbers look like?

Apparently, in Rajasthan, the number will start from 60010 up to 60019. Assam will get the next lot with the first five numbers ranging from 60020 to 60029. Lastly, Tamil Nadu has got the 6003060039 series. Needless to say, all the numbers will consist of ten digits.

Why did Reliance Jio get the new series?

According to DoT regulations, any mobile network operator crossing the 1 million mark within a licensed service area will get a brand new MSC series. This indicates that Jio has managed to garner over a million of customers in the selected areas. So, it is entirely possible that other regions should follow soon as the 4G network provider rapidly expands.

Speaking of growth, Reliance Jio has managed to break every record. By providing genuinely free services, the company has caught the eyes of almost every India. Within just 83 days after its commercial launch, that is in less than three months, Jio was used by more than 51 million Indians. After crossing the 72.4 million mark on December 31, 2016, the cellular service provider is confidently eyeing to get 100 million customers soon.

The arrival of Reliance Jio has brought in a revolution in the Indian mobile market. There has been a sudden spike in the sale of 4G-enabled smartphones and a significant drop in the tariff plans of other mobile network providers in the country.

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