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Tips and Tricks to Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 In Flash Sales

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is a worthy successor of Redmi Note 3. It went on sale on January 23rd for the first time and received an overwhelming response from the netizens. With positive talk from all the corners, the demand has been increasing henceforth. So don’t feel dejected if you have been failing to buy the device.

To make your life easier, we are going to list some handy tricks, which will increase the chance of getting your hands on the device.

Use FlashSaleTricks Extension To Buy Redmi Note 4

To be able to use this trick, you will have to make sure you’re using Google Chrome browser on your computer. If not, you can download and install it from here.

Flash Sale Tricks Redmi Note 4

  • In the first place, download ‘FlashSaleTricks‘ extension from Google Chrome Web Store here.
  • Once you successfully add the extension, click on the Flipkart icon in the extension and select the desired Redmi Note 4 model.

Flash Sale Tricks Redmi Note 4

  • It will land you on the product page, and you will get a notification at the bottom that Javascript is active.


  • Now, the most tricky part comes into the picture. You need to keep reloading the page from two minutes before the sale, and when and ever ‘Buy Now‘ button comes alive, the script automatically adds the product to the cart.
  • Keep the address and card details pre-saved for a faster checkout.

Process Flow

Download Extension>Click on Flipkart icon>Select desired model>Start reloading the page from two minutes before the sale>Check out after product gets added to the cart.

Use FlashSalesTricks Android App

If you are planning to buy Redmi Note 4 from the mobile, you need to download ‘FlashSalesTricks’ Android app from the Google Play store. One you download the app, the process remains same as the above. The app has Flipkart API included in it and you can log in with your Flipkart credentials. By selecting the desired model, it will take you to the corresponding page. You need to click on the reload icon present at the top right corner of the app to refresh the page.16776840_1333012983422084_1047305499_o

Once ‘Buy Now’ button becomes alive, it automatically the script automatically adds the product to the cart. As aforementioned, save your address and card details beforehand for a faster checkout. You can also alternatively use ‘Flash Sale Helper‘ app.

Please be advised that we neither endorse FlashSalesTricks nor have any affiliation with them. It will only increase your chances but doesn’t guarantee 100% outcome.


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