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Should You Buy the iPhone 6 Now? – Practical Reasons and Alternatives

Apple iPhone 6 is more than two years old now. The smartphone has already got two successors, namely the iPhone 6S and the latest iPhone 7. Naturally, the old handset has received some drastic price cuts. During some recent sales by some online retailers, the base variant of iPhone 6 was sold for as little as Rs. 18,000.

The extravagant price cutting has made some Apple fans go crazy. This is primarily because the Cupertino-based company has never brought down the price of its smartphones to such an extent. Another important reason is that the iPhone series hasn’t got through any significant cosmetic changes after the iPhone 6. Thus, in spite of its aging internals, the two-year-old iPhone does manage to look quite contemporary.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy the iPhone 6 Now

Apple iPhone 6


Now, as we are over with the reasons why the older iPhone has become a hot choice among prospective smartphone buyers, let’s move on to the main topic. Externally, the Apple iPhone 6 looks a lot like the new generation iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7. However, the internal hardware of the phone is pretty old and outdated.

Here is a point-wise explanation regarding why you should avoid buying this old smartphone.


The very first point is the limited memory of the iPhone 6. With Apple discarding the 16 GB variant altogether from its iPhone line-up, it is quite evident that it is not enough for modern smartphone users. Yes, there are variants with more storage, but those have not received the same kind of aggressive discount as the 16 GB version.

OS Updates

Apple is known to provide OS updates only up to a date of 5 years from the launch of an iPhone. This means, the 2.5 years old iPhone 6 is eligible for only another 2.5 years of software Considering the iOS 10 is not that smooth on the old iPhone, the upcoming versions will only be worse.

Ancient Hardware

With the smartphone hardware evolving at a never before pace, the internal hardware of the iPhone 6 is already way behind most mid-range Android devices. At Rs. 18,000, you can easily get a handset with Snapdragon 820 SoC which is impeccably powerful than the Apple A8 chip inside the iPhone 6.

Conclusion and Alternatives

By now, you must have understood why the iPhone 6 is not a good buy even with the huge discounts. However, you may still opt for the handset if Apple’s brand image is crucial to you and you can bear with a not-so-snappy device. With the standard price of the iPhone 6 varying between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 28,000, there are a handful of Android devices which can offer you way better user experience.

Speaking of the alternatives, the phone that first comes to our mind is the Motorola Moto Z Play. The Snapdragon 625 inside it may not be the most powerful silicon at the price point, but, the smartphone’s premium built, excellent camera and comprehensive battery life make it stand out of the crowd. If you can extend your budget a bit, you should blindly go for the OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T. Both the devices are pretty much similar and probably the best you can bet at the price point.

If Apple is your choice, then we suggest you to save some money and get the iPhone 6S. You can even go for an unboxed or refurbished unit, which will even be better than buying an iPhone 6. Do let us know if you have any queries or need some additional information in the comment section below.

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