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Micromax Dual 5 Detailed Camera Review And Photo Samples

Micromax Dual 5 is the company’s latest flagship to be launched in India. The smartphone comes with three 13 MP Sony cameras. Two of them are placed at the back, while the other is for taking selfies. Other noteworthy aspects of the Micromax Dual 5 are its AMOLED display and the Snapdragon 652 chipset.

The main feature of the phone is its dual camera setup at the back. At the back, it has Dual 13 MP + 13 MP camera with f/1.8 aperture and dual tone LED flash. At the front, it has 13 MP camera with f/2.0 aperture, soft selfie flash and 1.12μm pixel size. We got our hands on the device and tested camera to the limits.

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Camera UI

The Micromax Dual 5 has a good camera with dual cameras at the back and beauty features for back and front. Below are the pictures of how the camera user interface looks like. It’s a normal front when you open the camera with a big screen as the viewfinder and modes and features on the top and bottom.

On the top features include flash options, modes option (HDR, composition, timer, shutter sound, tap to shoot and photo settings). Moving to the right, it has different color modes which helps you take the pictures in many modes, you can see below. Then there’s the camera toggle button for changing the camera’s eyes from back to front and vice versa.

Coming at the bottom, the options include picture viewing option, camera shutter in the middle. On the right of shutter, there is different modes to shoot and click videos and photos and beauty mode. Above the three options at the bottom, there the toggle line which shifts you from video mode to camera mode to beauty face and dual camera option.

Micromax Dual 5 Camera Samples

Micromax Dual 5 is one of the phones in the market to feature dual rear camera. It comes with, Dual 13 MP + 13 MP cameras with f/1.8 aperture and dual tone LED flash. At the front, it has 13 MP camera with f/2.0 aperture, soft selfie flash and 1.12μm pixel size. We tested the camera in all the three light conditions, which are daylight, artificial light and lowlight.

HDR Sample

Panorama Sample


Daylight Camera

Micromax Dual 5 camera works very well in daylight conditions. We clicked multiple pictures demanding camera strength with different subjects. The pictures turned out to be close to natural in terms of colors and high quality in terms of resolution. Below are the camera samples

Artificial light

We kept the light conditions normal and clicked pictures using multiple kinds of subjects. Even in the image you can see below, there are 4 subjects, in which we have focused on the Star Wars figure, the image came out to be so clear and crisp that its deserves appreciation. Image process time and shutter speed were normal.


Low-light images, as you can see below are above the average level. The images indeed have clarity and good colors. The Micromax Dual 5 had a fast image processing time and captured good colors and clear image with normal hand stability.

Camera Verdict

The Micromax Dual 5 has its cameras as it main feature. The camera performed well in all the three light conditions. You don’t have to worry about camera stability as it captures good pictures even if you hold the device with normal stable hand. The Micromax Dual 5 in terms of camera performance is good to go for. The Micromax is Dual 5 is priced at Rs. 24,999.


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