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Jio Summer Surprise Offer Not Ended, Last Date, 28 Days Validity Not True

Reliance Jio had announced yesterday that it has been advised by TRAI to end the Summer Surprise offer. Accordingly, the company sent out a statement about the withdrawal of the Summer Surprise offer. Reliance Jio had said that it will withdraw the offer completely as soon as operationally feasible.

Now, it is a very vague statement as far as the withdrawal time is concerned. No one really had specific information at the time. It was assumed that Reliance Jio will be withdrawing the offer by 11.59 PM yesterday. We too had advised you all to recharge with an eligible Summer Surprise plan as soon as possible.

Jio Summer Surprise Offer Coverage

How To Claim Jio Summer Surprise Offer

Reliance Jio Summer Surprise Offer Frequently Asked Questions

Reliance Jio Summer Surprise 224GB Plan

However, we have dug up all the information regarding the withdrawal of Jio Summer Surprise offer. Since yesterday, we have heard a lot of questions from you all. We have answers to most, if not all, queries that you may have regarding Summer Surprise withdrawal.

Jio Summer Surprise Offer Queries and FAQ

Question: Can I still redeem the Jio Summer Surprise offer?

Answer: Yes, you can still redeem the offer, even if you haven’t subscribed to Jio Prime yet. Just recharge with Rs. 99 in addition to one of the Summer Surprise plans.

Question: When does the Summer Surprise offer end?

Answer: We have reached out to our sources in the company and we can safely say that the Summer Surprise offer will end tomorrow at 11.59 PM.

Question: I got a message that the Summer Surprise offer is valid for 28 days?

Answer: Don’t worry, this is the default message in Reliance Jio’s systems. Every Summer Surprise user will get 3 months of complimentary service.

Question: When does the Jio Summer Surprise offer start?

Answer: We have exclusive information the offer will start on 9th April.

Question: When does the Jio Summer Surprise offer end?

Answer: According to our sources, the offer will end on 30th June. That is, you get the complimentary service for a total of 83 days, starting from 9th April and ending on 30th June.

Question: How do I confirm that I have got the Summer Surprise offer?

Answer: There are a number of ways to confirm whether you have got the Summer Surprise offer.

Call Jio customer care

You can call on 1800 889 9999 or 199 from your phone. The teleprompter will confirm automatically if you have Summer Surprise or not.

Check transaction receipt

Summer Surprise Jio transaction

If you have recharged with an eligible Summer Surprise plan, then you can check the transaction receipt. It should be something like the screenshot above.

Login to your account on

Summer Surprise offer

You can also check if you have Summer Surprise by logging in to your account on

Check MyJio app

Summer Surprise MyJio

Another way to check Summer Surprise is in the MyJio app. Many users are seeing that Summer Surprise is mentioned in MyJio. If it is not, then there is one more way to confirm. On the MyJio app homepage, Summer Surprise users will have “Prime Member” written on a golden colour background (the theme color of Summer Surprise).

You can also check the My Plans section in MyJio app. You should have the Rs. 99 Prime subscription in addition to one of the Summer Surprise plans like Rs. 303, Rs. 499 etc.

Check SMSs from Reliance Jio

Summer Surprise SMS

Reliance Jio has also started sending SMSs to its users regarding their Summer Surprise validity. If you have subscribed to Summer Surprise yesterday, you will have received a message today.


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