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How Important Is The Color Of Your Phone? What Do You Think?

There are many factors that we look upon while buying a mobile phone. There’s display size and quality, processor, RAM and internal storage and what not. What is much more important for buyer is a mobile phone’s color. We all know, choosing a color is totally one’s personal love for the color. Some people love White, some love Black, some love Red and the examples go on.

We have seen simple color options like Black, White, Blue; Brown, Grey and more, but the trend changed with the new trending colors like Gold, Rose Gold, Matte Black, Gold White, Grey Black and more.

It is for sure that even in the long list of colors, Rose Gold and Matte Black leads the way. These color combinations were found in high-end phones like iPhones and were not available for the budget phones users. But now, we can see dual colors in many of the budget phones as well. Xiaomi can be taken as the best example for offering multiple dual color option for a mobile phone. With the launch of Redmi Note 4, we saw color option like Dark Grey, Black and Matte Black. Matte black version of Redmi Note 4 has got good response compared to other colors. Xiaomi didn’t stop there; Xiaomi has launched Redmi 4A in three color options that is Rose Gold, Grey and Gold. You can see the images below to have an idea.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Now, Xiaomi Redmi 4A is launched at price tag of 5,999 and in such a budget, you can actually buy a Rose Gold colored phone. Plus, Redmi Note 4 on the other hand, was launched within in the bracket of Rs 9,999- Rs. 12,999 offering Dark Grey, Black and Matte Black. Now people can actually look forward to buy a good color combination within their price range. This is not just limited to Xiaomi, even Coolpad is launching Coolpad Cool S1 changer Matte Black variant.

Coolpad S1 Changer

These smartphones are breaking the trend set by Apple by offering good color options in affordable segment, which was only found in high-end phones.

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What do you think?

Smartphone companies launch what they know would run in the mobile industry. Do you think offering such colors and attractive looks can bring more people to the budget segment? I think, if we are getting a good quality phone that too with a desired color then, probably a good option is to go for budget segment. However, specifications needs vary from person to person.

Talking about offering color options, OnePlus launched their phones with ceramic coating, which was loved by OnePlus fans. Choosing a color for mobile is just like choosing a color for your car, as it going to stay with for a long time and someway will also reflect your personality. The color you phone is, the way you carry it, matters a lot. So, color has a lot of importance in the choosing process. What do you think?

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