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Google Jump Announces New Yi Halo VR Camera, Comes With 17 4K Cameras

Google’s Jump platform and Xiaomi-backed Yi Technology has just unveiled Yi Halo – a brand new VR camera. Meticulously developed by both the companies, the Yi Halo is one of the most advanced virtual reality camera in the world. Consisting of 17 camera units, it can shoot 3D 360-degree videos at up to 8K x 8K resolution.

Priced at a whopping $16,999 USD (Rs. 11 lakhs approx.), the Yi Halo is purely aimed at professionals. Coming to specifications, the monster VR camera packs 16 horizontal view camera units combined with a single up view one. Thanks to its modular construction, you can easily replace the camera units if any of them gets damaged. You may also upgrade the entire Yi Halo if a new Yi Halo unit camera is released.

Yi Halo dimensions

The 12 MP Sony Exmor R IMX377 sits inside each of the camera units of Yi halo. The advanced VR camera sports an Omni-directional microphone. It supports Wi-Fi and you can even connect it with your Android smartphone. The Yi Halo sports a 2.2-inch LCD touchscreen with 640 x 360 resolution which acts as the control panel.

Speaking of the video capturing capability, the Yi Halo can shoot 8K x 8K 3D 360-degree films at 30 fps and 6K x 6K 3D 360-degree footage at 60 fps. Being powered by the Google Jump, 360-degree video stitching is top notch. For starters, Google Jump is the search engine giant’s professional VR video solution. It boasts best in class 3D 360-degree automated video stitching.

Google Jump Yi Halo VR Camera

Coming to the battery life, the Yi Halo can continuously shoot videos for at least 100 minutes. The retail package of the latest virtual reality camera contains two backup cameras, one Bluetooth Remote Control, Charger, Power cable, two screwdrivers, four backup power cables, and of course the complete Yi Halo camera set.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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