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Five Things We Expect From The Mi Home Store In India

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has sent press invites for an event in Bengaluru on May 11. The company is reportedly planning to inaugurate its first Mi Home store in India. The store will be reportedly sell smartphones, smart devices, headphones, power banks, etc. As Xiaomi sells its products online only, people could not actually see how the products are before buying. This is something that the Mi Home store will change.

Things We Expect From Mi Home

Continuous Availability

Xiaomi products are known for selling like hot cakes. At times, buying a Xiaomi product is a herculean task. With the opening of Mi Home store, Xiaomi can make sure there is a continuous supply of products that are in demand. By doing it, the company will gain the trust of the customers as well as increase the reach of its products.

Improved Portfolio of Products

Xiaomi has been playing a safe game in India by launching only a few products. The launch of Mi Home store may entail a surge in people’s interest in Xiaomi products. Therefore, the company could launch more products like laptops, TVs, action cameras, etc., in India.

Xiaomi Mi Home Store

Hand-on Experience

Months after launch in the homeland China, only a few products hit the Indian market. Meanwhile, tech enthusiasts and Xiaomi fans crave to put their hands on these products and some even go ahead and import the products. So Xiaomi should atleast showcase the products launched in China in Mi Home store irrespective of its motive to launch them in India or not.

Service Center

OnePlus recently started a store in Bangalore. It has integrated a service center within the store. Similarly, if Xiaomi adds a service center to the store, it will further enrich the overall experience of the store.


Xiaomi conducts sale events on several occasions on its online store. Xiaomi should make sure that discount sales are also entertained in the Mi Home offline stores. This way it can create a buzz in the offline market too.