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OnePlus 5 Has The Same Samsung Display Panel As The OnePlus 3T

We all know that the OnePlus 5 shares its display specs with the OnePlus 3T. However, it looks like that the newest flagship even sports the same Samsung S6E3FA5 AMOLED panel of its predecessor. While this may apparently look like a bad move by OnePlus, there are some advantages too. Moreover, the screen of the OnePlus 3T is fairly good even by today's’ standard.

OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5 Display Specs

The latest information was discovered by a user with the help of the AIDA64 app. It clearly shows that both the OnePlus 5 and 3T are rocking identical display panels. In the picture, the screen info of the OnePlus 3T is on your left and that of OnePlus 5 is on the right. Look at the GPU Render; for the OnePlus 5, it is Adreno 540 whereas, the 3T features the Adreno 530.

It is worth noting that even though the OnePlus 3 rocks the same display specifications, it has got a different AMOLED panel with model number Samsung S6E3FA3. However, we are uncertain about its difference from the Samsung S6E3FA5 of OnePlus 3T and 5.

So, do we criticize OnePlus for not opting for a display upgrade on the OnePlus 5? Well, apparently we aren’t that much unhappy. The Optic AMOLED screen of the OnePlus 3T is quite decent indeed. However, the usage of identical panels does have its own benefits.

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Availability of Replacement Screen

Availability of spare display is one of the most annoying aspects of a new smartphone. But, with the OnePlus 5 boasting the same screen of the older OnePlus 3T, replacement panels will be readily obtainable at various service centres and third-party repair shops. Do note that this is only about the AMOLED panel. Availability of complete display setup may take some time.

Price of Replacement Screen

The price of replacement screen for the OnePlus 5 would be similar to that of the OnePlus 3T. This is sweet considering spare parts of newer smartphones tend to cost significantly more than older devices.

Nowadays, with display prices shooting towards Rs. 20,000, consumers are craving for affordable screens. OnePlus seems to have listened to them.


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