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Qualcomm’s New Fingerprint Sensor Works Under Glass, Display, And Underwater

The name which is famous for producing world’s most advanced processors for smartphones is now all set with its new fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm’s new fingerprint sensor has been introduced recently which is specially evolved by understanding the requirements of next-generation smartphones. The company has also dropped the Sense ID name and placed the sensor beneath the phone’s display which allows the user to log in by just tapping a spot on the screen.

According to Qualcomm, the new fingerprint sensor gives the option of working under the display, glass, and metal. This will give the manufacturers a flexibility of placing the fingerprint sensor in vivid positions. The sensors are equipped with Ultrasonic technology that helps in penetrating the sound waves through glass and metal until the material is too thick.

Qualcomm Fingerprint sensor

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The new fingerprint sensor of Qualcomm can scan through up to 1200 μm of OLED display stacks, while the fingerprint sensors for glass and metal can scan through up to 800 μm of cover glass and up to 525 μm of aluminum. The Qualcomm's new fingerprint sensor supports IP68 waterproof devices and this allows it to be used under the water.

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Vivo and Qualcomm have displayed a modified version of the Vivo X6 Play smartphone which uses the Qualcomm’s new fingerprint sensor for Display Technology at Mobile World Congress Shanghai this week. Along with the new fingerprint sensor display, Vivo also released a video explaining the upcoming smartphone which is still unnamed and uses the new fingerprint sensor from Qualcomm.

The smartphones with the new fingerprint sensor will surface in the markets by 2018 as there will be a series of testing that will be conducted before it is made commercial. Let’s see how the new technology shapes with the upcoming new devices.


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