Amazon India has released a new feature called Local Finds. The feature will help people buy and sell new or used products to the people in their city. The feature is currently  available in 4 cities only. Also, on the Amazon app, you cannot find the feature. However, the feature is visible on the website.

Click here to view the new feature. Currently, there are 10 categories available – Books, Mobiles, Tablets, Video Games, Mobile Covers, Movies, Jewellery, Clothing, Home, and Music. You can select the category for your product and start selling. You can post an ad for the items you are going to sale. This ad will help you list an item or in setting up a store to sell your products.

amazon local finds

How To Sell On Local Finds

Posting an ad on Local Finds is very simple. First, you have to choose a category among the given in the drop down menu. The categories include electronics, laptops, books, fashion jewelry, women’s clothing, mobile and computer accessories, and home furnishing. After that add a photo. Then add some details depending on the category. After that, you upload your title, the price, and your address, email, and phone number. Amazon will also suggest the price. After filling the details, you can post the ad. And then the listing of your product goes live.

When your products are listed, buyers can buy them online. Amazon schedules a doorstep pickup. The company picks up, packs and ships the product. You will receive your payment within 7 working days, according to the company.

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The company says there is no CST (central state tax) required since the products are being sold locally. However, if the earnings exceed Rs. 20 lakh then you’ll have to register for GST.

Buying From Local Finds

You can also buy new or used products on Local Finds. Under the Books section, you will find a number of second-hand books in the city. If you click on the title, there will be both the options for buying a new one product or buying the used one. So, if you choose the used books, you will see the local sellers only. The listing also shows the condition of the book, and the buyers can inspect it before accepting the delivery. Interestingly, in some cases, the used books are more expensive than new books.

While in the Jewellery and clothing category on Local Finds, it shows new items. The jewelry or clothing items are from designers in your city. You can shop by category, such as earrings, bangles, necklaces, etc. There are featured jewelers listed on the site as well. You can list your item and set up a store as well.

The selling and buying through Local Finds is currently available in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Also, the feature have not rolled out for all users yet.