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Google Play Music Makes New Release Radio Available To All Users

Google has finally made the New Release Radio available to all users. The feature was a station on Google Play Music which gave personalised suggestions to listeners. It was available so far only for Samsung devices.

Start of New Release Radio

We earlier reported on Google having partnered with Samsung to provide some exclusive Play Music features to Samsung users. This partnership resulted in Google Play Music becoming the default music player for certain Samsung devices like S8 and S8 Plus.

Google Play Music Samsung Exclusive

Samsung owners could also upload 1,00,000 tracks on their Play Music Radio stations, which was double than the limit for other device users.

Immediately after we got to know about these exclusive features, users also reported having seen the New Release feature on their Play Music app. The station could be easily added to any device through the desktop app of Play Music.

Now, Google has made a Blog Post, making New Release Radio available for everyone. Also, Google has defined the partnership with Samsung as an ‘Early Access Program’ to gather data.

Google Play Music features multiple playlists named stations. The New Release Radio is one such playlist. It uses machine learning to select singles and album releases from the past two weeks, based on your listening preferences.

It is a free radio station on Google Play Music and is available for all users on any device, using the Play Music app.

Google Play Music is available for free but certain features are available with a paid subscription starting from Rs. 99 per month. The features include uploading up to 50,000 songs on your own statio


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