Google has reportedly released a new feature in its Maps for Android users. Now users can see a time travel graph for the best time to travel. The feature is currently available for the users of US and UK only.

The new travel time graph shows bars for half an hour before, and a few hours after the current time for a common direction route. Also, there is dotted line just above the bars with a time indication which means the time for which the graph is being shown.

The new feature shows up when you select a destination and input directions, you can see the new graph at the top of the directions. Along with the fastest route, estimated time, you can estimate the best time with less traffic with the Google Maps now.

How To Know The Best Time To Travel

You can use this new graph to depart at the right time to avoid traffic. Along with the usual estimated time and distance, the graph also shows the best time to leave for your trip.

The bars of the graph are highlighted in either green, yellow, or red colors to indicate the current traffic conditions. The green should be for the easy traffic, yellow for moderate and red for heavy traffic on that route.

It will help users in estimating that is it better to leave for their destination now to avoid traffic or an hour later. Also, the graph will let them know the estimate of both the conditions. Such as how long it would have taken if they had left an half hour earlier and how long it will take in the next few hours.

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This is especially useful when trying to head somewhere around the rush hour. This feature gives you a frame of reference for how close the traffic could be as per the bars. Google should add this feature for more countries especially in metro cities who depend on public transit for commuting.

Google had also recently updated its Local Guide program on Maps for Android, specifically designed for Maps users. The program helps millions of people across the globe in discovering and sharing great places.

Currently, we are not sure when this feature will be available for other countries. Also, right now it is for Android users only and not clear when it is going to roll out for iOS users. “As with all things Google, this feature might be limited by region.