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Paytm Launches Postcard, Paytm Automatic Features

Paytm has added Postcards feature on its iOS and Android apps. The postcard on Paytm allows you to send money to your loved ones with customization and personalized text messages options. The company has also introduced Paytm Automatic, which automatically adds money to your Paytm wallet.

Paytm has recently added the ability to send money to contacts directly through their phonebook on Android. Now, with this unique feature, sending money using Paytm will be more hassle free.

How to Send Paytm Postcards

The users need to open the Paytm app and tap on the ‘Postcards’ option on the home screen of the app. Now, choose the ‘Send a Postcard’ option and either enter the mobile number directly or choose the contact from the phonebook.

Then, users need to enter the amount that they want to send through the Postcard. Here, they can also write a personalized text message of their choice. Finally, they can choose the design for their postcard from the provided choices and also customize their postcard. After that, the card gets ready to be sent.

So, after sending the money, when your contact opens a postcard, the sent money will automatically be added to their Paytm wallet balance. Users will get the refund for the entire amount if their contact does not accept the postcard within 10 days.

A similar feature is already available in Hike messenger named as Blue packets. To recall, Hike had recently entered into digital payments by integrating UPI.

Coming to Paytm Automatic, the feature is currently available on the Android app only. With this feature, users will be able to set a certain amount as a minimum balance for the Paytm wallet and also set the minimum recharge amount. So, whenever the balance dips below the set limit, the user’s wallet will be recharged automatically.

Paytm version 5.10.0 update on Android and 5.11.3 update on iOS brings the feature of Postcards to send money to other users. Download the latest Android version of the app from Play Store and the iOS version from App store.


  1. Is there a transaction fee for Paytm Postcards?

This facility can be used to send money to virtually anyone with a smartphone and the Paytm app at zero cost.

2. How will I understand if I have received a Paytm Postcard?

You will receive a push notification and an SMS. You can also view a complete list of sent and received postcards in ‘My Postcards’.

3. Can I buy new themes?

Currently we are allowing users to choose from a couple of pre-designed postcard themes.

4. What are the available themes right now?

There are 6 available themes — Classic, Rakhi, Birthday, Best Wishes, Thank You and Lucky You.


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