If you are fond of ordering online and your shopping is not only restricted to just Indian sites but, from Chinese websites as well then this article might be of your interest. There are some of the popular websites that you might have come across while shopping from China, which includes DX.com, TomTop.com, Aliexpress.com, Alibaba.com and Tinydeal.com

So, this article will educate you about the sites from which you can order items, the sites which offer custom duty-free items, how you can request a refund if your order does not get delivered on time and which websites should be selected and on what basis.

Things You Should Remember:

  • Before ordering anything from any E-commerce website you should check the Domain Authority of the particular website. Usually, one can trust the websites with higher DA, example – sites like DX.com, and Aliexpress.com etc can be trusted.
  • While ordering a bit expensive item always remember to select register shipping method over conventional method to be rest assured for your product delivery. Though the registered shipping will be a bit costly but, it will make sure that your product is delivered and that too within the expected time of delivery.

Usually, in the free shipping method the items are not packaged effectively and delivery time is around 1 to 1.5 months in Metro cities, therefore, choosing registered shipping not only ensures fast delivery but, also safe delivery.

  • Don’t Fall For Cheap Deals: If you find that a product is offered at a very low price than the average price in China then again you need to be very careful as this can be a trap and your product may not be delivered ever. Always ensure, that you check the dealer ratings and reviews. Also, try to select products from verified dealers only.The particular cheap deal might be due to particular sale like we have Big Billion  Days Sale by Flipkart. But, if the deal is unusual on normal days then follow the above-mentioned steps.
  • Check Multiple Sites: If you have found your item on one site that does not mean that you will not get it at any other website. Always check the different websites to ensure that you are getting best deal out of all.
  • Check ROM Of Your Smartphone: There are multiple cases where a customer who has ordered a phone for Indian market has received Chinese ROM in it. But, nowadays, these such cases have been reduced to a great extent. The ROM is mentioned on the packaging box of the phone and at your end, do ensure that you have received Indian ROM and not Chinese.
  • Items Free From Custom Duty: If you are ordering accessories or spare parts then it is likely that customer duty will not imply on these items unless you are ordering it in bulk. Try to order in parts, for instance, if you are looking to order 10 items then order it in different sets of 2 or 3 and pay individually. In this way, you will be exempted from custom duty. But, most of the time custom duty is a matter of hit and trial.

These were some factors that you should remember before ordering from Chinese websites. Also, always ensure to buy from authoritative websites, and if possible then ignore Aliexpree.com as there are multiple cases of fraud from this site. If you have also worth sharing related to these Chinese websites then do share it in our comment section.

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