Google Allo

Google has started rolling out an update for its messaging app Allo. The latest Google Allo version 17 looks basically the same on the surface with no significant changes except sticker-related improvements.

The teardown of its latest APK done by Android Police shows that more stickers have been added on the latest version. The latest Allo update from Google includes text and layouts that suggest that it will soon accept “web stickers.” This will surely lead to an increase in the number of sticker packs available. So, to make the process easier, the next update will also come up with stickers categorization and search feature.

New features of Google Allo

For web stickers, the lines in APK teardown reveals an advisory asking users to check the licensing of images before sharing them, which indicates that the stickers won’t come from Google. There’s no indication if sticker packs will be imported from any other site or if they’ll have to pass through a curation process at Google before they become available for downloading within the app.

Ever since its launch last year, around 80 official sticker packs have already become available to its users. Browsing through that full list of stickers was a difficult task, and now it was going to get worse as the new web stickers are getting added.

The latest update also shows that the Allo team is working on a solution to that. It will place stickers into categories and even enable sticker search to make it hassle free for users. It is not actually clear if the categories are just for the official stickers or if they will also include web stickers.

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Download the latest Allo

The APK available is signed by Google and is an upgrade to your existing app. If you don’t want to wait till Google pushes out the update to download which may take days, you can download and install the APK from here.

Google’s Allo is a smart messaging app with plenty of stickers, adjustable text sizes, and Gmail-style Smart Reply. It also supports the Google Assistant. Moreover, it makes the Assistant accessible from the desktop as well, as Allo for desktop is now available.