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Google adds new ways to make travelling and trip planning easier

Last year Google revealed some tips on how to save money using Google Flights and hotel search and now, it has updated the list with a few more tips. Apart from being flexible with dates and where to stay, Google has added more ways to explore dates, airports and hotel locations when you have some sort of flexibility in the itinerary.

Choose travel dates that are less expensive

Google Maps Airports

According to a study, 3 out of 5 people stated that they would pick a challenging date in order to save some money. Google already guides the users with shifting their dates if the selected ones are highly priced. Now, Google Flights have added more insights in the “Dates” section where one can see the calendar view of date combinations with the cheapest prices.

The cheapest dates will be highlighted in green while the most expensive ones will be in red. If you have considered a particular range of dates then the price graph will let you check the variation in the airfare with time. A user needs to swipe left to select more dates. The insights are already available on mobile and will be rolling out to the desktop version later this year.

For booking a hotel at the best price, Google has also added the feature of displaying the nightly rate in the calendar view. Using this, a user can check the price trend of a particular hotel to see how prices change over a period of time.

Selecting nearby airports and hotel locations

Google Airports

Google also mentioned in its post that changing the airport you are flying through can also make a great impact on the prices you pay for a hotel. It has been revealed that 25 percent of flight searches with an alternate airport give a better price.

A user can check all the nearby airports on the interactive map and can check the distance between the airport and the final destination. This feature helps you out in listing all the airport options, offers more flights to pick and might help you even in saving extra bucks.

While selecting a hotel, you can also see hotel prices on a map quickly to identify the best areas and hotels for both the budget and itinerary requirements. There are chances that you may get a better price of a hotel near your final destination.

Google further concluded that to get economical rates for flights and hotel, flexibility is the key. So, while planning your next holiday try to plan things a little ahead with a broad range of dates to get better deals.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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