Telegram update brings mention alerts, favorite stickers and more


Telegram has announced a new update which will bring significant improvements, especially for group chats. Telegram version 4.3 will add better replies, favorite stickers and better invitation system for groups.

The latest update from Telegram brings a better reply support for groups which have a large number of members. Moreover, you can now set your favorite stickers or a set of stickers for a group. Also, you can now invite your friends to Telegram based on their contacts on Telegram. There is a lot more that comes with this new update, read here all the change log.

Better Replies in Groups

The new update brings a feature that will ease the reply on group chats which can now have a maximum 1000 members. From now on, whenever somebody replies to you or mentions you in a group chat, you will get the message right away by the ‘@’ badge in the chat.

Telegram replies

So, if you have new replies or mentions in a group, you can instantly read that by tapping the new ‘@’ button inside the group chat. The @ button will disappear once you will read all the messages mentioning you.

Favourite Stickers

Telegram has been supporting stickers for a long time and interestingly anyone can create and upload stickers on it. As many new stickers are added to the platform each day, it is hard to find stickers you use.

Telegram sticker

From now on, users with five or more sticker packs can mark their individual stickers as ‘favourites’, and have them always accessible at the top of the panel with ‘star’ icon. Coming to the large groups, they can now choose an official sticker set for their group to see and use while chatting in the group without adding it to their panels.

Invite Contacts to Telegram

The ‘Invite Friends’ section from contacts has also been redesigned. Your contacts that are not on Telegram but have many friends who are already using it, will now be listed at the top. So, if you invite any of them to join Telegram, they can find many of their friends there.


Other Changes

Moreover, twitch videos are now supported in the latest Telegram update. With the in-app player, you can now watch videos in picture-in-picture mode while chatting with your friends. Also, when on a Telegram voice call, you can also check the signal strength with the new indicator.

Further, on iOS, you can edit any photo pasted directly from the clipboard. Earlier, in its last update, Telegram had redesigned the photo editing tool where you could edit any photo with just a tap before sending it.

Apart from this, on Android app, there are a lot of changes. When you forward a message, you can now long tap to select multiple recipients. Also, when viewing photos in Shared Media, you can now go to the chat where the photo was posted.

Download the latest version of Telegram app for Android from Google Play Store and for iOS from App store.