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Google brings new personalized feed to its Search app in India

Google has updated its search app for Android and iOS with a new personalized feed. This update will allow users to filter search results and they can customize the feed according to their favorite topics. The new feed is available on the latest update of the app and users can get it by updating their app from Play Store and the App Store.

The new feed appears on the homepage of the app and there are separate pages for upcoming events for the user based on the calendar, email, or reminders and for recent searches and history. Google released it first in the US and it is now available on both Android and iOS versions of the app in other countries, including India.

Google Search Feed Features

The new feed is similar to the previously available Google Now cards, however, it is more dynamic and personalized now. It involves content from other Google apps too. It uses machine learning algorithm to show feeds based on user’s interests and search history in the Google app and other Google services, such as Chrome, YouTube, Maps etc.

Unlike Google Now cards, you cannot simply remove the feed by swiping it to right. Rather you now get more options such as “Hide the story”, “Not interested in the topic”, “Customise the feed” and “Send feedback”. You can access these options by tapping on the three dots icon at the top of the feed.

Users can also highlight their interests by following their favorite topics in the app by going to Menu>Customise>Follow Topics. You can follow a topic from the feed itself by tapping on the three dots icon>Follow. You will start getting more updates and stories about that topic.

Further, it shows feeds based on what is trending in your area and around the world. Apart from that, these feeds will also show other news stories from a variety of sources related to your favorite topics. These stories will appear beneath the most trending story in a separate horizontal scroll.

Google has also added a video preview option which was announced last month. Now, whenever you find a video on Google search feed, you will be able to see a 6-second preview of it. You can disable the preview option from settings.

Google has been working on making its search app more useful and quick. Earlier, it had added new shortcuts in its Google Search app for Android which makes it easier to get relevant information quickly and easily.

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