iPhone 8 teardown reveals smaller battery, bigger camera sensor

iPhone 8 teardown by iFixit

A recent teardown of the Apple iPhone 8 has revealed some of the key specifications of Apple’s new iPhone lineup. While the iPhone 8 comes with a bigger camera sensor, the teardown reveals that Apple has used a smaller battery in its new iPhone.

Famous teardown website iFixit has performed the teardown of the Apple iPhone 8. While they revealed a battery which delivers up to 6.96 Wh of power, the camera sensors also see a change in size along with other minor display. Here is what all was revealed in the iPhone 8 teardown by iFixit.

iPhone 8 teardown by iFixit

Starting with the display, iFixit has compared the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 side-by-side. While the resolution remains almost the same, you get to see the difference in iPhone 8’s TrueTone display. The TrueTone display looked much more consistent and eye-friendly when it comes to viewing.

What we all have been looking forward to, is knowing the battery on the iPhone 8. In their teardown, iFixit has shown a Li-ion battery with a 1821 mAh cell. At full charge, it delivers up to 6.96 Wh of power. Despite being smaller than the iPhone 7‘s battery, Apple claims this one to be equivalent to that of iPhone 7.

Apart from redesigned smaller adhesive to remove the battery, Apple has also reworked the camera sensors. The iPhone 8 teardown by iFixit shows the same 6-element lens with a f/1.8 aperture. The camera features a bigger sensor which means more detail and bigger individual pixels and less noise. So thumbs up to Apple for the camera.

Th teardown also showed the chipset assembly on the Apple iPhone 8. It comprises of an Apple A11 Bionic processor, a Snapdragon X16 LTE modem, Skyworks SkyOne SKY78140, Avago 8072JD130, NXP 80V18 secure NFC module on the front. The back side carries a Toshiba TSBL227VC3759 64 GB NAND flash storage, Apple/USI 170804 339S00397 WiFi/Bluetooth/FM radio module, along with some other modems.

With the camera, battery, display, and processor discussed, we come down to build and wireless charging. The Apple iPhone 8 features a Qi wireless charging coil at the back. So in case you shatter your iPhone 8’s back (which Apple says is really difficult to do) then you may need a complete replacement as the wireless coil will also be affected in the process.