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GPS to get faster and 50% more power efficient from next year

A new GPS chip from Broadcom is set to undergo mass production. It consumes 50% less battery and gives more accurate results. The Broadcom BCM47755 GPS chip is optimized for accurate results in metro cities with high-rise buildings and skyscrapers and cutting the power consumption to half.

The Broadcom BCM47755 chips were recently approved by the IEEE Spectrum to be ready for mass production. Expected to arrive in smartphones from 2018 onwards, the Broadcom BCM47755 GPS chip will show you more accurate results and consume lesser battery on your smartphone. This is good for users who use GPS extensively on their phones, for example, during long journeys.

About Broadcom BCM47755 GPS chip

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Up to 50% more power efficient and way more accurate than the present technology, the new GPS chipset from Broadcom will cut the battery drain on your phone and give more accurate results altogether.

While your current GPS chips show locations accurate up to 5 meters, the Broadcom chip shows locations as accurate as 30-centimeters. Designed on a more compact 28-nanometer design, the Broadcom GPS chip uses a new radio architecture with a dedicated sensor hub.

The new design allows this chip to consume 50% less battery and provide more accurate results. The chip is even optimized to work well in urban settings with tall structures. While the chip itself is advanced and future-ready, it is the first-in-class to connect to more accurate satellites.

The Broadcom BCM47755 GPS chip is able to connect with L5 satellites which are more accurate and less prone to distortion as compared to the L1 satellites. This chip is capable of connecting to both the satellites for accurate results.

How is it beneficial?

While many of us may not be using GPS every day, it is an utterly useful tool. The only problem using GPS services today is that it takes a toll on your smartphone’s battery life and the location may also be lost sometimes.

The new Broadcom BCM47755 GPS chip solves these problems with GPS and makes it more friendly for you to use maps as a daily driver.


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