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Twitter increases character limit from 140 to 280

After receiving a lot of requests from users who were not able to express themselves clearly in just 140 characters, Twitter is now working on increasing the character limit for the tweets. Clearly saying what you want to say in just 140 characters is quite challenging for a number of users, especially with languages that use a number of characters to express just one word.

Twitter has finally considered the requests and challenges faced by the users and is now working to increase the character limit and soon the update should be rolled out. As per it blog post, Twitter has already started testing the 280 character limit with a limited number of users. This is the first time that the social media platform is offering more characters to express.

Twitter Characters

In a blog post, Twitter said, “Our research shows us that the character limit is a major cause of frustration for people Tweeting in English, but it is not for those Tweeting in Japanese”. But, there are languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese which let a user convey double the amount of information in one character, which is not the case with Spanish, Portuguese or French.

Twitter Characters

Twitter’s data reflects that 0.4% tweets sent in Japanese arrive at the 140 character limit, whereas 9% of those in English do. Previously, it was also confirmed that Twitter is testing tweetstorm feature that will let a user publish a series of tweets at one go. In March, Twitter stopped counting @replies from the 140-character limit. It was also rumored that the micro-blogging site is expected to increase the limit to 10,000 characters for tweets.

Twitter has been struggling to increase the engagement on its platform along with the user base. With the increase in character limit, users might feel it a bit comfortable in expressing themselves on Twitter and lead to improved user engagement. Let’s see when the update with an increased character limit is available for all users.


Abhinav Singh

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