TRAI vs Apple

Apple has reportedly written to the Indian telecom regulator TRAI for more consultation on including the TRAI’s DND application on the iOS App Store. Earlier, Apple had refused to include the application on App Store stating that the app violates their privacy policies.

Since then Apple had been in a standoff with TRAI. Firstly, Apple has not granted the Indian regulator’s DND app access to their devices, because of their privacy policy. Apple has said that the application seeks user’s private data including call logs and SMS. Now, it seems the Cupertino based tech giant which just released its latest iPhones in the country, is trying to resolve the issue.

As per the reports, Apple has again approached the regulator to discuss the issue and looking to add the Do-Not-Disturb (DND 2.0) application to its App Store. “They (Apple) have written to us for a meeting on the issue saying that they have an approach on this which they want to discuss,” TRAI Chairman R S Sharma said on Thursday.


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) released an app named Do Not Disturb (DND) in order to keep a check on spam calls and messages. With the DND app, you have to register your phone number with the regulator and the app will help you avoid any unsolicited conversations. DND application keeps a log of incoming calls, and also checks for spam SMS.

There is an option to file a complaint against a particular number or an SMS sender as well. There is also a ‘Help’ and ‘FAQ’ sections. The app works through SMS and contacts and call log permissions.

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Apple thinks that the SMS box, which contains all the bank OTPs and several other personal information of the customers, cannot be shared. This was the main reason why it did not approve the application. However, the DND 2.0 app is available for Android users through the Play Store.