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Google community manager justifies removal of 3.5mm audio jack in Pixel 2

Google has got rid of the 3.5mm earphone jack in its latest flagships launched recently – Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. After facing some backlash for its move, a Google community manager took to the company’s support forums to justify the axing of the 3.5mm audio jack.

A Google community manager, Orrin Hancock has posted saying that the new Pixel phones come with a headphone jack. In his post, the community manager says,

“The Pixel 2 still comes with a headphone jack but we have moved to USB-C, a standard that is becoming commonplace in the best phones and laptops of today. Moving to the USB-C audio port with Pixel 2 allows us to provide a better audio and digital experience, as we move towards a bezel-less future.”

Orrin Hancock further elaborates that if you’re looking for a pair of USB C headphones, you can peruse the list in the post.

“We realize that some of you might be looking for USB-C headphones, and we want to provide some guidance around headphone compatibility with Pixel 2 devices. The main thing to keep in mind is that Pixel 2 devices are compatible with USB-C headphones that support digital audio.”

Are we ready to move to USB C headphones yet?

Google Pixel 2 Type-C port

Seeing Google’s recommended earphones for Pixel and finding none of them in the India store, we can safely say we need more time. The sad part is that Google is not even offering any USB Type C earphones with Pixel. On the upside, you will get a 3.5mm jack to Type C adapter, so you can make do with your existing earphones.

While we may get more options in future, for now, we do not have enough options to take full advantage of Type-C audio experience. But that does not mean we are entirely rigid about it. You can definitely have a good experience with Google Pixel as they give you a connector to use your existing earphones. Even if not for the Pixel adapter, a generic 3.5mm to Type-C adapter should cost you just Rs. 138 on ebay.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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