The much awaited WhatsApp Delete for Everyone recall message feature is finally rolling out to all users on iOS and Android. This feature gives you a chance to delete or revoke the messages that you’ve accidentally sent to a wrong person or group.

When you use this feature, you will be able to delete a message from a conversation for all parties included. This feature will work for GIFs, images, text messages, voice messages, location, status updates and contact cards. However, you can revoke a message only within 7 minutes of sending it, according to a report by WaBetaInfo.

How does WhatsApp Delete for Everyone work?

Delete for everyone WhatsApp
Image credits: @WABetaInfo

The Delete for Everyone feature on will work with the latest updated version of WhatsApp. Both the sender and the receiver need to have the latest version in order to use this feature. It is a much-awaited tool and will be easy to use in case you’ve mistakenly sent a message somewhere.

The feature can be used when you want to revoke a message that you sent. The usability remains the same for group chats as well as individual chat windows. You can revoke/delete a message within 7 minutes of sending it and the message will get deleted from the receiver’s chat window as well. After deleting the message, the receiver will get ‘This message was deleted’ in their chat window.

Cases in which it won’t work

While it is a utilitarian feature, there are certain limitations to it. For instance, you can delete a message only within 7 minutes of sending it. After 7 minutes the message becomes irrevocable.

Also, you cannot delete a message with a quoted text in it. Not only this, but the messages sent over broadcasts lists cannot be deleted either. To make use of this feature, all parties involved in a chat need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on their phone.

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