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Exclusive Leaked First Look of Android 9

Most of the Android users don’t even have Android 8.0 Oreo on their phones yet, unless they are using the Pixel devices, and there are already rumors about Google’s next Android OS version- Android P. For now, there is nothing much known about the next version of Android, however, the recent leak suggests that Google has started working on Android P.

A YouTube channel named SoftDroid Tech has uploaded a video introducing Google’s next version of Android OS, claiming it is the leaked Android P. We don’t know much about Android P yet, but with insights from this video, we can take a look at what we can expect from Google in Android P.

Android P features

First of all, the video shows a redesigned home screen and even Google Chrome. It shows that Google has also made modifications to the notifications, control panel, contacts app, calendar and alarm clock as well. Moreover, it introduces two new features called Google Edge and Google Crown.

Google Chrome

Source: SoftDroid Tech

Starting with Google Chrome first, the mobile browser has been completely redesigned. The new Google Chrome in Android P will be more like YouTube. It will show trending stories, similar to some other browsers. Also, it will apparently feature the new Material Neo design.

Control Panel and Notification

Source: SoftDroid Tech

With Android P, Google is supposedly planning to redesign the control panel. It seems to be more customized and compact. As far as notifications are concerned, Google works on making it better with every new Android version. To recall, we have seen the notification dots feature in Android Oreo. Now, Android P comes with a redesigned notification panel as well.

Google Edge and Crown

Source: SoftDroid Tech

These new features on Android P seem to have crafted for making the search easier in the contacts app. It will probably show the recently used contacts and will offer an easier search option with a widget on the right edge of the screen. However, the widget is not new and we have already seen a similar thing on some other custom UIs earlier.

New Lock Screen

Android 9
Source: SoftDroid Tech

The video also shows that a completely new lock screen has been added in Android P. With the new lock screen, Google is now planning to offer more features than ever on the lock screen as well. As per the video, you can swipe the lock screen to add more widgets on the lock screen.

Other features

Apart from above-mentioned points, Android P seems to be focusing more on apps like Clock and Calendar. The video shows a new calendar app with easier options to set a reminder and similarly, a new clock app also appears with easy options to set an alarm.

Android P release date

Google is likely to unveil Android 9.0 or Android P sometimes during March 2018, and it will probably be a developer preview first. Following some beta versions, a final release of Android P is expected in August 2018. It is similar to Android 8.0’s schedule. Android Oreo was also launched in August 2017.

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