Apple iPhone X Face ID

The Apple Face ID is being considered secured even after not being twin-proof. New cases are now surfacing about more loops in the Apple iPhone X. While Apple claims the error ratio to be a million-to-one, it looks like the Face ID on the iPhone X is making more errors.

In two recently surfaced cases, the Apple iPhone X Face ID seems to have configured itself for two faces. While the Face ID is programmed to recognize one face only, two non-identical brothers managed to use the Face ID together.

About Apple iPhone X Face ID issue

In recent videos, it was shown how the Face ID on the iPhone X could be tricked by identical twins. However, this case goes far beyond that. Non-identical brother Salavat Khanov and Rinat Khanov managed to trick the Face ID. A similar case happened with the Sawant brothers who reported it on Reddit.

It was found that the brothers were using the phone interchangeably for hours. While one had Face ID set up, the other brother was using the pin to unlock the iPhone X. However, after several times of unlocking using the pin, the Face ID allegedly set up for both brothers. This implies that the FaceID on the iPhone X automatically adds faces if they use your phone for a while.

While this is clearly a case of poor accuracy on account of Face ID, it is crucial as it compromises the user’s data. However, we cannot say if the brothers will be able to interchangeably use Face ID if the pin was changed. Apple is yet to comment on this behavior by the Face ID.

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What is Face ID

Apple has introduced a new way to unlock the iPhone X, called the Face ID. The method uses high-precision facial recognition to unlock the phone. The entire module for Face ID is fitted above the notch on the display of the iPhone X.