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What it takes to be a Rockstar smartphone brand in India?

With all the options for smartphones available in the market, it is essential for a company to match certain quality standards. While an all-rounder company may be a distant dream, here we have some checkpoints for any brand to become a ‘Rockstar brand’ in the smartphone business.

First showcased in a video by our editor-in-chief, these points are some key criteria to fulfill in order to be a ‘Rockstar Brand’. As we offer on what a brand should offer, you can also get to know which brands satisfy your need for a smartphone.

What makes any smartphone brand a ‘Rockstar’ brand

Marketing gives you the boost

The first and foremost thing we must mention here is marketing. By marketing, we refer to a smartphone brand making its presence in a market. This includes advertising campaigns and promotions across TV, internet, and print media. Marketing can be visible or run in the background.

It is an important key for any smartphone brand in becoming a ‘Rockstar’ brand. The reason is that marketing is the first tool that shapes a customer’s perception towards a brand. A brand’s presence and positive visibility is a crucial aspect when a consumer goes out to buy a smartphone.

In terms of marketing, Vivo and Oppo are two strong brands in India. Now, Xiaomi is coming up with a strong market presence to compete against these two.

Product defines who you areIndian smartphone market

Talking about the smartphone itself, we come to the second pointer on our checklist. The product is the most important aspect of any brand. So, if a smartphone brand is providing a good product and related services, it has already qualified as a ‘Rockstar brand’ to some extent. We’ve divided the product into two types of products you will find in the market.

Features matter

These smartphones are the ones that bank on providing multiple features. Some brands provide a custom UI on their Android phones and add features to it. Features on a smartphone can be selfie cameras, selfie flash, dual cameras, 18:9 aspect ratio and much more.

For example, Oppo and Vivo are the brands selling on features like camera and music. While their hardware is compromised, the features have given them a grip over a large chunk of the market.

Specifications matter even more

These are the smartphones that may not offer many features but come with good specifications. If you use your smartphone for heavy tasks, a phone with good specifications will do the job for you. For specifications, you can see phones from OnePlus and Xiaomi making it to the top.

For us, a Rockstar brand is a brand that can offer a balance between features and specifications. While features are necessary for making the most out of a smartphone, specifications are needed for smooth usage of a phone.

After-Sale services matter the most

Rockstar brand

While brands focus on increasing their sales by manifolds, after-sales is also as important as selling the product. Once a brand has sold the product to a consumer, the quality of service they provide will determine whether they retain the customer.

The price and speed of providing a service also matter. If you provide speedy service at high cost, you may not lose a customer and if your service is slow, the consumer will switch to a better brand. For us, the scope of service also covers providing timely Android and security updates. By doing so, a brand comes one-step-closer to becoming a rockstar brand.

Consumer Connect gives you an edge

The final and most important key to becoming a ‘Rockstar brand’ lies in consumer connect. Consumer connect refers to an organization’s relations with its customers. Smartphone brands should maintain community forums, social media pages, and other handles where they provide updates about the product.

A brand that maintains a strong connection with its consumers will be able to provide better products and make quicker improvements when there is an issue. For example, the OnePlus forum is an active community where users discuss their smartphones and are offered expert support.

Something more than the others

It takes a lot of effort and time to make any smartphone brand into a ‘Rockstar Brand’. Availability of a brand is another important aspect here. A brand should be good at what they do and their products shall be available in the market through any medium.

Also, different smartphone brands have their own ‘X-Factor’ which is one USP of their products. If a brand rightly taps into their USP, they definitely show the potential of becoming a Rockstar brand.

Concluding the piece

So these are our key pointers for a smartphone brand to become a ‘Rockstar’ brand. all of these add up to making a brand’s image with its tailored pros and cons. Marketing adds to the ground under your feet by making you present in the market.

Your product and the way you provide after-sales determines the consumers you attract and more importantly the consumers you retain. By connecting to your users, you are offering yourself a chance to listen to what your consumer has to say. This way, you will be able to act faster and better.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.