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Vodafone introduces data rollover on select Vodafone RED plans

Telecom operator Vodafone has now introduced data rollover for a select range of Vodafone RED postpaid plans. After Airtel, Vodafone is the second company to introduce data rollover for postpaid plans. While this is certainly a welcome move, it only comes with select plans.

Vodafone has divided the data rollover into three plan categories for Vodafone RED. The categories are RED Traveler, RED International, and RED Signature. All the plans come with up to 1-year free subscription to Netflix, Magzter, and access to Vodafone Play.

Vodafone RED plans with Data Rollover

Vodafone RED

Vodafone RED offers many benefits, and they’ve also started offering data rollover now. This means that in select Vodafone RED plans, your unused data will get carried forward to the next month. However, the total carried forward data is limited to 200GB. The RED plans are divided into three categories and here is what they offer.

The first category is Vodafone RED Traveler and comes with an R (regular), M (Medium), and L (Large) plans. All three plans offer 1-year free subscription to Netflix, Vodafone Play, and Magzter and also come with RED shield Device protection. Roaming, local, and STD calls are free and you also get 20% discount on adding a member or device. The R plan is priced at Rs. 499 (with 20GB data), the M plan offers 35GB data at Rs. 699 and the L plan offers 50GB data at a price of Rs. 999.

For the second category, Vodafone has offered RED international, that comes with the same R, M, and L plans with international minutes. In addition to all the offers from the RED Traveler pack, the RED International packs offer up to 200 minutes of international calling. With the R pack, you get 100 international minutes with 75GB data at Rs. 1,299. The M plan offers 100 international minutes and 100GB data at Rs. 1,699 and the L pack offers 125GB data with 200 international minutes at Rs. 1,999.

The last category of these plans is Vodafone RED Signature. It offers all the features of the above two categories with added benefits. With the RED Signature plan, you get 200 international minutes, 200GB data and the data rollover cap also goes up to 500GB.


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