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Facebook Local launched – Shows local events, real-time location of friends

Facebook has launched the Facebook Local app, which is a rebranded version of their last year’s app, Facebook Events. While Facebook Local has pretty much the same functionality as last year’s app, you get some new features too.

Currently launched in the USA, Facebook Local relies on the social media site’s existing data to tell you the events nearby. With this rebranded version, Facebook has added minor tweaks and a more sophisticated design to the app.

Facebook Local: How does it work?

Facebook Local

While it is not a new app, Facebook Local is a rebranded version of Facebook Events. The app now comes with a neat layout, adding ‘Bars’ and ‘Food’ categories. The ‘Event Guide’ page in the app allows you to choose from different categories of events.

You can also choose the date and time and get results based on your convenience. The app shows trending events and the places where your friends are interested in visiting. All the information is displayed on cards that you can scroll through.

Not only the app, but the events section in the Facebook app is being renamed as ‘Local’ to match the app. The events too don’t need to register separately on the app as it uses data from Facebook only. So once your event is created on Facebook, it will show up in the Facebook Local app.

Also, you don’t necessarily need the Facebook Local app to check the events near you. The ‘Events’ or the new ‘Local’ section in the Facebook app also works the same way. However, if you’re looking for a more dedicated approach with sorted details, you can refer to the Facebook Local app.

The app will be available for Android as well as iOS devices but is currently launched in the US only. You can go to this page and get notified when the app is available for download.