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Apple iPhone X users report a green line on the edge of the display

Apple’s special edition iPhone X which features an all-screen display might have some issues in its OLED panel. Several iPhone X users had complained about unresponsive display issue in cold weather earlier last week, and now, there are reports that the iPhone X display is developing a vertical green line on the edge of the display.

Several iPhone X users have posted it on Apple’s discussion forum and some also took to Twitter to report about the feature. Majority users who have reported about the green line confirm that it runs from top to bottom on either side of the screen. Unfortunately for some iPhone X users, the green line across the display is quite thick and it is not disappearing by its own. Users claim that they restarted and even resetted the device but this doesn’t help in getting rid of the line.

MacRumors reports that at least 25 iPhone X users have reported the same green line issue on various forums. Users also told that the green line wasn’t present on the device right from the beginning but it had developed after using iPhone X for some days.

Source: Twitter

There is no official response from the Apple on the green line issue as of now. Users should wait for the company’s official word. However, some of iPhone X users who reported the issue on forums confirm that Apple is replacing the affected units free of cost. So, if you are among those noticing the green line then you should also right away go to the Apple Store for a replacement.

The new green line issue has been reported just a few days after some iPhone X users complained about the unresponsive screen in cold weather. Apple, however, had already acknowledged the unresponsive screen issue and promised a software update to resolve this. Similarly, it is expected that Apple will soon officially comment on the issue after some initial investigation.


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