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Telegram 4.5 brings Albums, Saved Messages, and more for Android, iOS

Popular instant messaging service Telegram has updated its app to neatly stack chat media and save important messages. The update has been released for both Android as well as iOS starting with Telegram 4.5.

Telegram announced the update in a blog post. For the uninitiated, Telegram is a cloud-based non-profit instant messaging service. You can get the Telegram app for free from the Google Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iOS. The recent update brings organized albums, refreshed images view, Saved messages, and improved search. There is also a new ‘Settings’ screen for the iPhone.

Telegram 4.5: Albums, Saved Messages, and more

Telegram 4.5 Albums

With the update to version 4.5, Telegram has added new feature to their Android and iOS apps. Staring with Albums, now when you send up to 10 images together, they will be stacked in an album and will show to others as a single notification. Not only this, you can also decide the orders in which your images are sent by numbering them. This feature is called ‘Photo Order’.

Telegram v 4.5 profile pictures

With the new Multiple Profile Photos feature, you will get a thumbnail view of the other media on a group while viewing one image. You can swipe or tap on a thumbnail to navigate to a particular image. Your profile pictures are also displayed the same way now.

The next utilitarian feature here is ‘Saved Messages’. Now you can save your important messages to your cloud and access them whenever you want. The messages will be available in the chat window as well as in the side panel on Android / Settings on iOS.

Other utility features include improved search with “most popular items displayed first”. Admins can now pin messages to their channels to get member’s attention to important messages.

iOS exclusive Settings

Telegram v 4.5 iOS settings

Telegram version 4.5 is also updated to support the iPhone X. With the added support, the Settings screen is also refreshed for optimal use on your new iPhone. All the other updates available for Android as well as iOS, you can download the app for Android here and iOS here.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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