Indian smartphone market

With improvement in design and technology, today we have a lot of smartphones to choose from, but we often neglect some key features when buying one. With new displays, connectivity options, and more durable designs, it is essential to know what all your smartphone will offer.

Keeping that in mind, we have prepared some key points you should consider before buying your next smartphone. We’ve made these points based on upcoming trends and usage requirements. So next time when you’re going to buy a smartphone, do keep these in mind.

Build and Design

With metal unibody and Glass body phones kicking in, many of us have an opinion that plastic body phones are not premium. The build quality of a phone is what matters, irrespective of the materials used.

Xiaomi Redmi Y1 back

A smartphone with metal back and plastic bezels is also good because in case the phone falls, the plastic will provide some cushioning to save the display. In case of metal, you may end up denting your phone if there is poor quality metal used.


Almost all the major companies are now focussing on 18:9 aspect ratio on their smartphone displays. While traditional phones come with 16:9 aspect ratio, the new 18:9 aspect ratio is a game changer.

Oneplus 5t display

If you buy a phone with 18:9 aspect ratio display, you get a taller phone with a bigger screen in a smaller body. Also, this makes your phone future-ready, as app developers are also making improvements to optimize the applications for 18:9 aspect ratio displays.


Dual cameras are now becoming a trend, with some companies even offering four cameras on their phones. When you go to buy a smartphone, knowing the benefits of a dual camera setup always comes in handy.

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Honor 8 Pro dual camera

While some companies use the combination of a wide angle lens + telephoto lens, some brands prefer an RGB + Monochrome lens combination. The features of a dual camera change with these settings. With a wide angle + telephoto lens, you get better zooming capability and wider shots. An RGB + Monochrome sensor lets you capture greater detail and sharper images even in low lighting.


One of the major compromises is made in terms of connectivity by certain big brands. By knowing the right connectivity options, you can get the most out of your smartphone. Starting with the USB port, if you’re looking for a new smartphone, check whether it has a  USB Type-C port. The Type-C port is faster and will soon become widely available as new products come on the market.

Google Pixel 2 Type-C port featured image

Not only the USB Type-C, you should also check if the phone has NFC feature. NFC or Near Field Communication enables you to easily make transactions, transfer data, and much more.

User Interface

Your phone’s software is something that keeps it running in the long term. If your phone comes with optimized software, it can last for a longer period with better performance. Android version is one way to check your phone’s performance. The latest Android version is Android 8.0 Oreo. Even if your phone ships with Android 7.1.2 Nougat, it is good as Oreo is yet to come to major devices.

In our testing of various devices, we have found that Stock Android delivers a more consistent and faster performance. However, with a skinned version like the OxygenOS or MIUI 9, you get added features and optimized performance. You can go for either Skinned or Stock Android depending on your usage and needs.

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Battery and Charging

Wireless Charging is good feature but some flagships are yet to adapt to it, so we’re keeping it aside here. What you need to check is the battery capacity and the charging speed. When buying a new phone, check the battery capacity and how long will it last on one charge.

Apart from how long your battery lasts, charging time is also a key feature to save time. by default, many of the smartphone processors come with their own fast charging like the Qualcomm Quick Charge or MediaTek Pump Express. However, some manufacturers do not provide fast charging which leads to longer and slower charging time. So, look for a fast charging phone the next time you’re buying one.

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.