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Microsoft Launcher beta update brings revamped home screen and more

Microsoft has rolled out a new beta update to Microsoft Launcher for Android. The latest update brings several new features like a revamped home screen, theme support with a new home app grid view, sub-grid support, redesigned fonts and more. This is a beta update and the stable version is expected soon, however, you can download from Play Store by signing up for beta testing.

To recall, Microsoft had announced the Microsoft Launcher for Android phones along with Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS last month. While Edge is Microsoft’s home-grown web browser, the Microsoft Launcher for Android phones is the launcher that brings some Windows utilities to Android phones. Microsoft has now released a new update for its Android Launcher with several user interface improvements.

Microsoft Launcher new features

Microsoft Launcher now comes with version with the latest update. The new version brings the following changes.

Home App Grid

Microsoft revamps the home app screen page. Now users can create a grid with up to 12 columns and 12 rows for more apps. Moreover, they can also move apps and widgets to half of the grid cells with the subgrid support.

New user experience

It also brings support for migration from other launcher and allows backup, restore or manual setup home screen during welcome page for first-time users. On the welcome page, new users can import the layout from another launcher or they can even restore a Microsoft Launcher backup.

Home Screen

The update revamps the home screen as well. It brings redesigned fonts used for apps and folders names. It also changes the shape and looks of folders on home screen. Moreover, the dock now supports more than 5 apps. Further, the search bar is also placed down by default.

Settings Enhancements

The launcher update also restructures the settings page and brings theme support on the settings page. Now, users can choose a theme for the home screen and the chosen theme is also applied to settings, redesigning it.

Other Improvements

There are some other improvements in the launcher as well. When users drag & drop apps, it will no longer open the edit mode now. It also supports long pressing of apps icon to open a popup menu in the app drawer. Furthermore, it also brings weather and time widget UI improvements.

Microsoft has also included the traditional bug fixes and other minor changes with the update. You can download it from the Google Play Store here. Since this is a beta version, you will have to sign up for beta testing via Google Play to use it, otherwise, wait for the stable update.


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